Lady boys and cabarets 


Thailand is famous for their lady boys and cabaret shows. On a recent trip to Phuket, I bought tickets to see the Simon show. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Quite literally actually…because that’s the only way that I could actually see the show. The auditorium designer obviously didn’t think this one through. The girl seated in front of me wasn’t exceptionally tall either. If anything, she was exceptionally short. 
There were a lot of parts that were boring, and if you check the time and wonder when it’ll end, then trust me, it isn’t a very good show. It was mainly lip singing and non energetic dancing. Honestly, the only good parts of the show were the comedy skits, which was quite sad. I mean, I didn’t expect them to really sing but I was expecting a good performance. A lot of the dancing lacked energy and seemed half assed. At that point, we weren’t even there for a cabaret show…it was more of a “is that seriously a guy?” show. 

I had a pretty good experience at the Tiffany show in Bangkok when I was little (maybe I was too little to have standards), but after a disappointing Tiffany show in Bangkok, and now a disappointing Simon show in Phuket, I think it’ll be a loooong time till my next cabaret in Thailand. 


7 tips for travelling in Malaysia


Hey guys, I’ve been MIA for a while and as some may or may not know, have been travelling! Here are my 7 tips for travelling in Malaysia! 
1. Carry your passport. I have been stopped countless times (whether I’m in a personal car or taking a taxi, and almost got arrested once for not having my passport on me!) I argued that it was at the hotel, and I could show him if he would come back but my two options were: pay the officer >.> or go sit in jail for I don’t know how long with other criminals. It’s absolutely ridiculous! And I’ve done my research. Malaysia’s jail isn’t exactly like the Swedish ones where it’s pretty much a holiday resort…

2. Download grabcab/uber. The taxis quote ridiculous prices especially if it’s raining/a tourist area. Even if they run by the meter, they still can rip you off (those meters skip like crazy!)

3. Don’t pay someone to get a taxi for you. There’s plenty on the streets. At KLCC, pavilion etc there is a “taxi service” where you pay them RM2 to call a metered taxi for you. Sounds sweet right? You’re not gonna get ripped off right? WRONG. Not only do you have to pay an extra RM2, these taxis are the most expensive! You’re better off getting ripped off by a red taxi…(the cost will be less). 

4. Don’t read food reviews online. I’ve been to many places in Asia thanks to online reviews. But I don’t know if my palate just doesn’t match up with the Malaysian foodies (I love Malaysian food/street food), but the things they recommend are just…bad. Seriously, so many times I’ve found a 4-5 star review to a restaurant and it has gravely disappointed me. So find a reliable source (not just google star review..).

5. If you’re travelling alone, you can take the express train to/from the airport. It’s RM55 p.p. So perfect for one person. If you’re travelling with anybody else, it’s cheaper to take a taxi RM80-100 to get to the city area (and it goes straight to your hotel!) 

6. Google maps/Apple maps is horrible here. It might be the confusing road names/ side streets but there have been many times I’ve tried seeking out a restaurant and have gotten completely lost. 

7. Lastly, cops can be bribed. Just remember that 😉 

Well that’s about it! Good luck and safe travels. 



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On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I visited my first cat cafe! Purradise is a cat cafe with a mission to help rescue cats by giving them a safe environment to be in. They also reinvest the proceeds to support pet fostering and re-homing. Many of the kittizens at the cafe can be adopted, but some are already an essential part of the heart of the cafe, and it would be hard for them to leave their friends and family to move into another home.

All the kittizens are extremely precious, and friendly. The cafe also serves small snacks, and drinks. I had the cake of the day (which happened to be cheesecake), and it was surprisingly a really nice, rich cheesecake. I have found many overly sweet, or Japanese style (cotton) cheesecakes in Asia, so it was a pleasant surprise to find. Not that I don’t like Japanese cotton cheesecakes, but I feel like it doesn’t have the richness of a New York cheesecake.

For a foreigner, the price to visit the cafe is fairly cheap, at RM15(~AUD5) for the first hour (with a free drink), of RM39(~AUD13) for the whole day (with a free drink). They also offer group, and monthly packages.

At the cafe, you can play, cuddle and selfie with the cats. The owners are pretty relaxed, and the cats are pretty much the bosses. They have free reign over the cafe(as it is their home), and after their playtime (around 2pm-4pm), a lot of them get worn out and fall asleep. There are a lot of bean bags for you to sit on(if the cats don’t beat you to it), or you can even share with the kittizens.

Waiting for dinner…

This cafe is a must visit if you’re in KL, and I highly recommend the cake of the day!

When a stranger offers you ice cream, get in their van

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You know how they teach you in primary school to stay away from strangers? And to not get into the creepy guy that’s offering you candy’s car? Especially if that car is a big white van? Well…that doesn’t apply when you’re in Japan…right?

On our recent trip to Japan, when we were in Kyoto, I was sick, and we couldn’t decide where to eat, we decided to go to the first restaurant we saw. An underground bar/restaurant near our Airbnb home. The owners were friendly, and the food was amazing. Probably the best udon I’ve ever had. The couple even gave us free ice cream at the end of our meal! 😊 we asked for directions to Fushimi inari shrine and were on our way.

After walking for about 30 or so minutes, there was a big white van that pulled up next to us and to our surprise, it was the couple from the restaurant! They offered us a lift to our destination. It would’ve been rude to decline, and besides they gave us FREE ICE CREAM. They must be nice people. (Robyn logic)

Kind of glad we took up their offer though…we thought it would be a 40minute walk (google maps prediction) but we must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and gotten lost.

Moral of the story: if someone offers you free ice cream, get in their van. Just kidding (don’t actually), but at least I’ve learnt that everyone with a van offering me a lift isn’t shady. You’ve just got to choose the right people.

xoxo Robyn

My acne journey

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img_1101I’ve never really been into skincare before. But then again, I won the genetic lottery, and never once had acne throughout my high school years when all my peers were popping pimples, and squeezing blackheads. Tbh, I still don’t know the difference between a whitehead and a pimple (If there is a difference).

My skin “care” routine consisted of splashing my face with water once in the morning (mostly to wake up), and once at night. I did use some Asian masks here and there, but it was more a few times a year thing then a religious ritual I abided by.

Then, came Uni…and engineering…mostly engineering. It was probably the stress of studying, or maybe it was puberty being a bitch (I still look 12). I didn’t really “break out”. I had one or two pimples here and there, and they weren’t the ones that looked like they were nesting a family of mini bees and ready to pop. They were small, practically unnoticeable ones. But I noticed.

My mum’s a beautician so she helped me pop them, but they’d come back every now and again just to say hi.

For the past few months, I’ve had a few breakouts in my T-zone. I popped them to the point that the skin around that area changed to white…I never really gave my skin time to heal before popping the next devil. After my unevenly coloured skin, I decided to stop popping my pimples. Boy was that hard…looking into the mirror everyday and having the thing stare right back at me was tormenting. But I held my ground.

I stopped using oil based creams on my T-zone (I have combination skin), and it’s even now slowly healing. I’ll write about my current skin care routine some other time. If you follow our Instagram (@eternalwanderers), you’d know that I’ve recently started to use the clarisonic. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, and would like to use it a bit more before I start writing a review. This was just a quick post talking about my “acne” journey.

xoxo Robyn

Dress me

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img_1126I had a lot of free time between arriving in Melbourne, and being able to check in at my hotel (note to self: book places with early check in next time. Or later flights). After leaving my luggage there and grabbing a bite, I started to roam the streets! (I had work the night before, hadn’t really slept, so decided to stick within a close range of my hotel.)
I first saw a very…interesting looking store. It kinda looked like a thrift shop but with a normal store price tag. After looking through the pieces there, I just couldn’t find anything that I thought would suit me. Moving on, I went into the central area where there were pop up clothing stores.

I got reeled in by one of the salesmen and the history. We were playing dress up for a few hours (what didn’t I try?) and I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe thanks to my fairy godfather Alex. He is an amazing stylist, has very unique fashion, and is just beyond amazing.

Turns out, the “thrift shop” I went into earlier was the same store selling the pop up clothing. Through this shopping experience, I’ve learnt to just try on random things. I mean, playing dress up is free anyway right? And also because of this, I’ve been more adventurous with my closet now. I’m no longer a basic b*tch 😝 I’ll find sometime to shoot all the pieces I bought and make a lookbook but for now, here’s a few shots.


Kitty’s candid


It’s Sid!


Me in a picture.


Forever besties


Ikea shopping. Skirt: grandma funk, Top: H&M


March into merivale food fest!



Mummy and I in Grandma funk 😍

xoxo Robyn

P.S. Totally in love with my deathly hallows necklace. It goes with everything! Follow us on Instagram @eternalwanderers to see what else I got!

Ways to find cheap flights

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For those of you that don’t know me well, I LOVE finding deals, especially for travel. I am probably a better travel agent than any other travel agent you could hope to find. Paula and I paid about $300 (for the both of us) for our recent plane ticket to Japan. That’s $150 each.
Which airline? Jetstar.

How? Stalking.

I always stalk flights, sales, and competitions. Those flights were bought early on in the year during jetstar’s 2 for 1 sale. I’m currently trying to win us free trips to Japan and Europe. (I join all the Facebook competitions).

Here are my tricks:

Follow all the budget airlines on Facebook. No point following airlines like Emirates, Qantas, or Cathay pacific. Even if they have “sales”, it’ll still be more expensive than a normal budget airline ticket. But they do hold competitions occasionally, so following for those purposes isn’t bad either.

Join all the free flight/holiday competitions. Sure, your chances are slim, but you won’t even have a chance if you don’t enter.

Go on comparison sites like or just google “flight compare”.

Book early. I have a friend that always books last minute. He told me he booked a flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur for AUD$2000 sitting economy. I asked him if he booked on “”. Honestly, flights to Malaysia should be around AUD$200 and definitely no more than $300. He booked a few days before Christmas though, so it was a given.

Research. I plan to go to Europe one day, not sure when. But, I’m stalking the flights now so I know what a good price to buy is. I can find flights as low as AUD$700 return(following tours), so when it comes to buying, I’ll know a good price range to aim for.

Don’t be afraid of Malaysia airlines or air Asia. I’ve been on both post crash/disappearance. What I can say is that Malaysia airlines is an AMAZING airline with great aircrafts and seats (not sponsored, we wish :p ). Due to the accidents, they’ve become a lot cheaper, and you tend to get an empty plane so you get the whole row to yourself. Airasia’s seats aren’t as comfortable but they are definitely cheaper. If it’s your time, you will go. Honestly, those accidents were just really unlucky. It could’ve happened to any airline but it just so happened that it was Malaysia airlines and AirAsia. Stop being paranoid and be cheap!

Hope these tips help you out on your next adventure.

xoxo Robyn

Update: We didn’t end up winning the Japan trip tickets but we’ve joined JNTO’s cruise competition. Wish us luck!

Mountain spinning 

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This wasn’t my first trip to Taiwan, but it will be my last trip visiting all its mountains has to offer. I love the scenery and the fresh mountain air, but travelling for a week straight visiting various mountains just isn’t my thing.  
 Because of taiwan’s geographical layout, the roads to reach the mountains were extremely curved, and we were spinning for a few hours before reaching our destination. I’m not one to get car sick, but after this trip, I never want to sit in another van again.

 After a while, the mountains all look the same to me, and the novelty is lost. I think it’s definitely worth seeing, but not packing 10+ mountains into a week.

xoxo Robyn 

The time I did drugs and alcohol


My first and last time EVER passing out after drinking alcohol was New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong a few years back. What did I have to drink? A sip of corona. No, I am NOT that weak. I can drink a whole 3 or 4 tequila shots nowadays before getting loopy.

I actually had the flu, and the doctor had prescribed me some antibiotics. Little did I know, alcohol and drugs do not mix. There wasn’t any water on the table, and I thought I was gonna drink anyway so I downed the meds with my corona. Next thing I know, I’m rushing to the toilet to vomit, being tugged here and there by random Hong Kong guys to go dance with them, and then blacking out for a few hours on my table.

Luckily, I had good mates looking after me. I managed to wake up just before the count down, and have thoroughly learnt my lesson. I honestly didn’t even know it was the alcohol + antibiotics mix until I talked to the doctor. Oh well, lesson learnt. Hopefully this was educational to some of you. Don’t do drugs and alcohol 😛

xoxo Robyn

Sushisho masa

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I will never lose to food.

There are 7 seats, no menu, and masa. He caters the menu according to his customers. Smaller portions/menu for females, larger for males, lighter for pregnant women etc. The meal wasn’t just delicious, it was quite educational too. He had an English book of fish waiting on hand to show us what we were about to eat.
 We were first served a handful of sea grapes (A.K.A green caviar). It was my first experience with them and they were so much fun to eat! Slightly vinegared, and a great crunch when bitten. If you haven’t tried them yet, if highly recommend getting some! You can eat them raw and they’re quite healthy too 😏

The meal lasted a few hours with us constantly being fed pieces of sushi, or sipping cups of matcha.

The sushi was prepared fresh in front of us, with masa taking each piece of fish from the box above.

 I have never had such a soft piece of octopus in Sydney, but we NEED  to start massaging our octopus…it just melted in my mouth. Most of the dishes were slightly seasoned with either soy sauce, wasabi, or just on their own. I love how they preserve the ingredients’ original tastes, and focus on enhancing.


I have always loved foie gras, but now, I have a new favourite: MONK FISH LIVER!

 What is monk fish you ask? I don’t know. Google it. But what I can tell you is that it’s liver is extremely delicious. It’s soft, creamy, and has a slight oceanic flavour in the aftertaste.

 I am a big fan of spicy food, but seeing a glob of wasabi rolled in a small piece of sushi wasn’t very reassuring…but surprisingly, the wasabi didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would. In fact, it didn’t hit me at all. The oiliness of the tuna cancelled out the wasabi.

   There were more photos but our phone ran out of battery, so we’ll be sure to charge before we go next time!
The experience at masa’s was really one of a kind, and I would highly recommend it.

It is quite a pricey meal, but worth every cent. Our experience cost ¥35000 but we ate till we were bursting, and Paula even gave up near the end. But I will never lose to food. 😝

xoxo Robyn