Spring’s silhouette



Black is one of my favourite colours to wear and it’s no different in Spring.

I know Spring tends to scream for colours and florals but I personally prefer to be more subtle when announcing the arrival of my favourite month. This outfit is something I’d definitely wear during this transitional period into the warmer months. It’s simple, minimal and ever so quietly glamorous.

This oversized sweater is all about the sheer paneling along the sleeves. It’s thin, sturdy but still loose enough to combat the warmer weather with lots of breathing room inside.

Having jewellry gives the illusion that the outfit is less wide than it is because it gives you a strong focal point. This look would also work with more delicate or lengthier pieces to give your outfit more depth.

Lastly, these cobalt blue wedges are my pop of colour, serving as my only hint at the arrival of the new season.

And there you have it. A semi luxe-glam outfit I’d wear during Spring.

In my opinion, there are no rules to fashion. Wear whatever you want to outwardly express yourself on any particular day. This is no dictation on how to style, just my personal taste but hopefully it gives you some inspiration to create.


Sweater Envym – Necklace Forever New – Shoes Wayne Cooper



Painted pink

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There is something so intriguing about a woman with painted lips. The time taken to line the curves before carefully drawing the colour over is a striking and focussed art-form in itself.

I recently picked up a forgotten tube of lipstick which had been mixed into the pile of my unused makeup clutter. I was happily taken by surprise at the find and found myself suddenly wafting in memories of the time before its condemnation to the box.

I had bought it a year ago with Robyn and at the time we had just done a massive Bobbi Brown haul. I remember the first time I tried it on and we instantly had this situation where it was pleasing for the eyes yet most suffocating for the nose. I really could not stand how it smelt so I ditched it into the depths of my makeup box with no intentions to have it surfacing again. However, time honestly does wonders and now my stick of pink is more than bearable to apply.

I love how drastically a colour can change one’s aura and this pink seems to flair a beautiful dusty tone. It is matte, super elegant and to me, suppresses a quiet cry of rebel. It instantly makes you feel more youthful and bold whilst being subtle enough for casual dates or modest gatherings. The formula is creamy and pigmented and I love the shape of the bullet. Allows for those acutely precise flicks.

The spectrum of colour that can be found on someones lips is like the myriad of looks or personalities you can choose to enforce over yourself for the day.

And that, is why I love playing with lipstick.

Bobbi Brown – Sandwash Pink 22 

xoxo Paula




Dress me

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img_1126I had a lot of free time between arriving in Melbourne, and being able to check in at my hotel (note to self: book places with early check in next time. Or later flights). After leaving my luggage there and grabbing a bite, I started to roam the streets! (I had work the night before, hadn’t really slept, so decided to stick within a close range of my hotel.)
I first saw a very…interesting looking store. It kinda looked like a thrift shop but with a normal store price tag. After looking through the pieces there, I just couldn’t find anything that I thought would suit me. Moving on, I went into the central area where there were pop up clothing stores.

I got reeled in by one of the salesmen and the rest..is history. We were playing dress up for a few hours (what didn’t I try?) and I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe thanks to my fairy godfather Alex. He is an amazing stylist, has very unique fashion, and is just beyond amazing.

Turns out, the “thrift shop” I went into earlier was the same store selling the pop up clothing. Through this shopping experience, I’ve learnt to just try on random things. I mean, playing dress up is free anyway right? And also because of this, I’ve been more adventurous with my closet now. I’m no longer a basic b*tch 😝 I’ll find sometime to shoot all the pieces I bought and make a lookbook but for now, here’s a few shots.


Kitty’s candid


It’s Sid!


Me in a picture.


Forever besties


Ikea shopping. Skirt: grandma funk, Top: H&M


March into merivale food fest!



Mummy and I in Grandma funk 😍

xoxo Robyn

P.S. Totally in love with my deathly hallows necklace. It goes with everything! Follow us on Instagram @eternalwanderers to see what else I got!


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Sometimes, I wish I could suspend time. I wish I could take out its batteries.

I’ve tried taking a million mental photographs and I’ve shuffled through them all, sitting cross-legged in the wisps of the past. I’ve tried taking measures to imprint them in my mind, before that day comes, when I know I have to let go.

But time always races forward and eventually, it’ll loom closer, that ‘date.’ That date you dread and very unwillingly count down to til soon enough, (always too late) it hits you that things will be really different…

Because once that day comes and passes, you can’t and won’t be the same person again.

But then again, why would you want to be?

xoxo Paula


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I really like the idea of having a tattoo but Henna is probably the closest I’ll ever get to having one. Tantalisingly detailed, it is such a free and almost improvisatory art, filled with sweeping swirls and filigree drawn to the artist’s fancy.

We honestly didn’t expect to find henna artists in Melaka (Malaysia) but then two women with booklets of henna designs stopped us in our tracks and for 15 ringgit, we got our hand and wrist done.

Henna, as I now know, is not an ink but a paste that’s derived from a plant. Mixed with lemon, alcohol and olive oil amongst other things, it is squeezed from a piping bag into petals, feathery shapes and dainty dots.

It was such a quick process and after a quick 5min we were done… but then came the most awkward 15 minutes afterwards where we had to wait for the paste to dry. We were hand disabled and contorted them to the point where we carried our hands like Mr. Burns. But as much as I tried, being the clutz I am, I accidentally swished food over my henna… and then a few minutes later Robyn whacked her bag across my hand landing even more smudges. My fingernail is still stained with the dye in a mark that looks like I got chilli oil stuck on it.

Anyway the process is pretty simple. After it dries, you wash off the bumpy excess and there you have it, a semi-permanent ‘tattoo’ that lasts for 2 weeks (except mine began to rub off from the 3rd day). But then you can’t expect much more for $5AUD 🙂


xoxo Paula


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Amidst the blur of the cities we visited, I remember Osaka fondly; like the kind of dream city that I know I can almost seamlessly immerse myself into if I were to pack my bags one day.

I like a city that can inspire, one that has endless nooks and crannies which I can fall in love with – and Osaka is brimming with this: diversity, hidden alleys, nightlife and good street food.

This city bubbles with liveliness and walking down the main districts give you a sense that you’re a part of a city of reputation and pride. The men are almost as detailed as the women and I found it so funny when I realised how seriously the people take after their country’s output of art and creativity.

Japan obviously equates (at least partially) to anime and in that, it also equates to fantasy worlds. The women literally look like anime characters and the trends mimic this doe-eyed, child-like beauty. Heavily darkened coats of mascara with copious amounts of blush (sometimes applied in defined oval shapes under the eyes). Glistening lips and an odd array of coloured contacts and hair dye are all seen in the mix of fashion and beauty here. As I mentioned before, even the men surprise me. They don’t seem to wear makeup per say but I couldn’t quite get over how much of a surprise it was to see guys that plucked and shaped their eyebrows into high bridges. Anime characters, like I said.

When I compare it to Australian fashion, it is indeed a completely different expression altogether. Sure, elaborate eyebrows that take a good 15min to perfect are really in at the moment but if I had to describe Aussie women, it’d be effortlessly chic and sexy, a mixture of mood expressions captured through clothing. In Japan, rather than individual expression, it often appears to be collective. I mean, I saw so many camel-coloured coats and so many fedora hats. Every girl radiated with class and salon-hair looks and similarly feminine beauty trends.

It was nice being apart of it, even if it was just for 3 days.


xoxo Paula

Beauty is pain – Kimono

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It was the 3rd time I’ve worn a kimono, but the 1st time I put one on without professional help. Visually, there was nothing wrong; Internally, I could barely breathe.  
My advice for those attempting to put on their own kimonos? Get professional help. Wanting to make use of the second day return policy, we decided to videotape ourselves taking them off, and just follow the video backwards.

Maybe it was because when the professionals put it on for me, I had a stomach full of food, or maybe I should just stay away from putting on my own kimono.


When I first put it on, it wasn’t too bad. Just a little snug. Then…I got hungry. Eating that bowl of tea soba was the biggest struggle of my life. I had to keep my back straight and chest out due to the kimono’s restrictions, but I needed to bend to eat my noodles properly.

 I thought that finishing that bowl of soba was my biggest struggle, but I was wrong. My biggest struggle was trying to breathe after I finished. The struggle was real. It was about a 15min walk back home, we had planned to take pictures at a close shrine, but I couldn’t breathe. I honestly wanted to just strip right there and give my lungs some much needed oxygen, but I rather not be arrested in a foreign country.

We quickly snapped a few shots, and hurriedly shuffled home in our geta to change into some looser, more organ friendly clothing.


Beauty is pain.

xoxo Robyn