Spring’s silhouette



Black is one of my favourite colours to wear and it’s no different in Spring.

I know Spring tends to scream for colours and florals but I personally prefer to be more subtle when announcing the arrival of my favourite month. This outfit is something I’d definitely wear during this transitional period into the warmer months. It’s simple, minimal and ever so quietly glamorous.

This oversized sweater is all about the sheer paneling along the sleeves. It’s thin, sturdy but still loose enough to combat the warmer weather with lots of breathing room inside.

Having jewellry gives the illusion that the outfit is less wide than it is because it gives you a strong focal point. This look would also work with more delicate or lengthier pieces to give your outfit more depth.

Lastly, these cobalt blue wedges are my pop of colour, serving as my only hint at the arrival of the new season.

And there you have it. A semi luxe-glam outfit I’d wear during Spring.

In my opinion, there are no rules to fashion. Wear whatever you want to outwardly express yourself on any particular day. This is no dictation on how to style, just my personal taste but hopefully it gives you some inspiration to create.


Sweater Envym – Necklace Forever New – Shoes Wayne Cooper




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