Cuckoo Callay: Food Review


Located: Newtown Railway station, 324A King St, Newtown NSW 

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday (6am – 4pm)
Saturday (8am – 4pm)
Sunday (8am – 3pm)


Newtown is definitely a foodie hub that I want to explore more of so I dropped by one afternoon for a quick meal at Cuckoo Callay. This cafe is tucked right outside Newtown Station and you feel so at-home once you set foot inside. The waitress was so lovely and helped give this cafe much of its pleasant character. Classic white walls and sleek awnings frame the exterior but when you look closer, there are definite drops of retro, as you’ll see with their lighting, flooring and tables/chairs.


Capuccino $4

When this was brought out, it looked like another level of coffee; it looked so incredibly silky and milky. I don’t think this photo does any justice because I crown this as the most beautiful coffee I’ve ever seen. Their coffees use a house blend called ‘Alchemy’ which is produced locally in Marrickville.


Chamellia Organic Matcha Green Tea Latte $4.5

This looked really kawaii. I appreciate the Hello Kitty and its organic origins, but it just tasted like warm milk. The green tea flavour was too subtle to notice.


The Sideways Shuffle $24

This dish reminds me of summer. It’s light, refreshing, colourful and dotted with little blobs of lemon jelly and flowers. The egg actually toppled off when they served it, so when you get your Sideways Shuffle, it will look taller and grander than shown. I’m actually really into eggs when they’re cooked this way; 63 degrees, in wobbly form and encased in slippery egg white. The blue swimmer crab cake was also really delicious with the avocado, corn and salsa bits. A very satisfying and tasty dish.


We Found Mary’s Lamb $23

As its name suggests, this was not a great ending for the lamb. This dish was on the drier side with tough meat despite being cooked for 8 hours. The ingredients didn’t seem to blend as well as I imagined it would when I had read it on the menu; the ingredients just felt separate from each other. Despite there being Israeli couscous, spicy chermoula marinated eggplant, minted yoghurt and pistachios, there was no magical umami blend. It sounded fancy on paper but it was nothing special.


M.A.C CosmeChips $14

Another case of, “I got this because it looked good on Instagram.” I don’t even like Mac n Cheese but I hoped that eating pretty food would mean a satisfying meal. When I had my first bite, I almost felt happy-tears. It is truly the perfect combination of flavours and ingredients; there is nothing not to love about this dish. Cheesy and creamy textures with flavoursome bacon bites and really good chips. This is a must-try.


Cuckoo Callay is a gem with great vibes and a fairly extensive menu. Gluten-free options and a kids menu are available plus believe it or not, a pets menu. There are various cocktails, beers and wines too for those anytime drinkers. 

One thing I love about this cafe is their commitment to ethical trading practices and their local sources. It definitely does its part for the community, enforcing a positive change in the way we consume and source food. I think a lot of people will appreciate their free-range eggs, award-winning pork, Jersey cow milk (my favourite!) and freshly handpicked vegetables.

Really wanted to try some cakes and desserts afterwards, but for 2 people, the 3 dishes we ordered were more than enough.

Recommended: M.A.C CosmeChips, The Sideways Shuffle

xoxo Paula


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