Saké Restaurant and Bar: Food Review


Those who have eaten out with me will know that it is imperative to take photos of my food before eating. I have endured a lot of semi-disparaging glances in my time as a food blogger but recently, I came to question why the restaurant count was becoming exponentially greater than my blogpost count. I hadn’t done a food post in months; am I making my friends and I eat cold food for nothing?!

With this realisation, I have resolved to give you my recommendations for all the restaurants that I’ve ventured inside this past year. Hopefully you’ll get a better idea of the food scene here in Sydney after this. So without further ado, here is my first post about my most recent night out to Saké.

Located: 12 Argyle St, The Rocks NSW 

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday (12-3pm)

Monday – Thursday (5:30pm – 10:30pm)
Friday – Saturday (5:30pm – 11:3opm)
Sunday (5:00pm – 10:00pm)

We booked a table for 3 and walked in at about 9pm. The “traditional style Japanese table seating” was so gorgeous but like most cases of beauty, it involved a bit of pain getting into. It took an embarrassingly long while just settling into seat with legs and arms flailing about in the most awkward directions just to land into the gap. Thank God I was wearing pants.


Chirashi Salad $16

This small salad was fresh and full of flavour with a pleasant mix of textures. The sashimi and noodles were tossed well in a yuzu sauce and the tempura flaked atop added just the right amount of crunch. It can be quite salty so I wouldn’t recommend mixing in too much of that black sauce.


Alaskan King Crab Maki $20

What can go wrong with fresh sushi? Like nothing.

It came in a great size to just pop the whole thing into your mouth. Great mix of ingredients and light and balanced in flavour. Had to call the waiters over for soy sauce though which required a bit of patience. 


Miso-Cream Scallops $34

My favourite thing to eat when dining at any Japanese restaurant is scallop. This creamy dish was just great and the scallops had a beautiful texture and colour. The creamy yellow sauce made even the vegetables taste amazing on their own. My tip is to make sure to eat this as soon as it comes out because it doesn’t taste as great when it’s cooled down.


Braised David Blackmore’s Wagyu Brisket $39

Beautiful plating and once again, the sauce was just divine. The meat fell apart fairly easily but I still had a bit of a difficult time chewing. If only it were a bit softer. Still the sauce did not let anyone down and neither did the eggplant, which was surprisingly flavoursome.


Miso Caramelized ‘Glacier 51’ Toothfish $42

This fish was just stunning and as soft as fish can be. The Japanese-inspired sauces at Saké really can’t be faulted. The only thing is I wish they had added more of that sauce because we definitely finished that too quickly. Make sure to eat this with the pickles too. Adds a refreshing and zesty kick to the fish.



The mood here is great and the interiors have really been well-designed with woody tones and bright flashes of colour. I love the dim lighting and I love how the tables are adorned with orange blossoms. It is such a chic restaurant and it’s quite accessible as well, not too far a walk from Circular Quay.

The only fault that I had was with the service. We had to ask so many times to get our order taken and then there was a series of forgetfullness with getting us drinks and then with refilling the teapot. However, we did come around 9pm so I just assumed that they were all just getting a bit tired. Also about the “traditional” seats; despite being awkward to get into, they are exceptionally comfortable once you’re in.

For 3 people, the 5 dishes we got was a decent amount of food. However, I would recommend more dishes if you like being really satisfied after dinner. 

Recommend: Chirashi Salad, Miso Caramelized Toothfish, Miso-Cream Scallops

xoxo Paula



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