Date with Winter

Food, Personal

As Sydney prepares for another low-key Ice Age, I’m trying to cope, running around going on daily scavenger hunts for warm pants to wear. I have never been well-equipped for winter time so once the frostiness hits, I’m like a deer caught in the headlights, still donning my favourite crop and shorts and waving around a swimsuit, asking my friends to go with me to the beach.

Only one good thing comes out of Winter and it’s that cold food tastes infinitely better when it’s actually cold. That is the truth for ice-cream.

My most recent ice-cream visit was to Zero Degrees, the newest Instagram flare up that sells Puffer Fish Ice-cream.

Coming in an edible waffle-cone that is shaped like a fish, it is topped with popping candy, chocolate icing and fruit. This combination was so good and I particularly liked the crunchiness of the waffle.  Hidden inside the cone was red-bean, just like the traditional Taiyaki and it was stellar.

Contrary to how it looks in photos, the fish waffle is actually quite small and both flatter and harder to hold than it seems. Keep in mind that the soft serve is quick to melt and a big chunk of my icecream actually fell on the ground much to my horror.

But if asked whether I’d get it again? Hell yeah.

 Location: [Regents Place] 501 George St, Sydney (Down the escalator)

xoxo Paula




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