Painted pink

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There is something so intriguing about a woman with painted lips. The time taken to line the curves before carefully drawing the colour over is a striking and focussed art-form in itself.

I recently picked up a forgotten tube of lipstick which had been mixed into the pile of my unused makeup clutter. I was happily taken by surprise at the find and found myself suddenly wafting in memories of the time before its condemnation to the box.

I had bought it a year ago with Robyn and at the time we had just done a massive Bobbi Brown haul. I remember the first time I tried it on and we instantly had this situation where it was pleasing for the eyes yet most suffocating for the nose. I really could not stand how it smelt so I ditched it into the depths of my makeup box with no intentions to have it surfacing again. However, time honestly does wonders and now my stick of pink is more than bearable to apply.

I love how drastically a colour can change one’s aura and this pink seems to flair a beautiful dusty tone. It is matte, super elegant and to me, suppresses a quiet cry of rebel. It instantly makes you feel more youthful and bold whilst being subtle enough for casual dates or modest gatherings. The formula is creamy and pigmented and I love the shape of the bullet. Allows for those acutely precise flicks.

The spectrum of colour that can be found on someones lips is like the myriad of looks or personalities you can choose to enforce over yourself for the day.

And that, is why I love playing with lipstick.

Bobbi Brown – Sandwash Pink 22 

xoxo Paula





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