Cafe Oratnek: Food Review


Located: 4 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016 

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday (7am-4pm), Sunday (8am-4pm)

They also do dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Matcha Latte $4.20/4.90

Not going to lie, I came here mainly for this drink. It has the perfect amount of bitterness for me, but some people might be used to the more sugary versions at other cafes. I had it with one sugar in it and I found myself appreciating this plainer taste.



On Toast: Spicy miso minced pork, fried eggplant, sansho pepper $14

This is a must-have. The flavour of the meat is exceptional and balances really well with the eggplant. It is a new addition to their breakfast menu and it’s definitely one of my favourites now. Although it says spicy, it wasn’t really that spicy…


Sandwich: Pulled chicken, japanese curry, cheese, leaves, mayo $12

This had a nice, typical japanese curry taste. Not very spicy, but very juicy and generous on the sauce. Normally, I don’t like this kind of bread but with the thick sauce, it didn’t actually taste bad or dry. It could have had a bit more cheese, but overall not bad.

Sides: Chips, aonori, murray river pink salt, ketchup $6

I always get this. Usually this is really flavoursome with a really nice crisp texture. Today it was a little on the un-crunchy side but still, I found myself finishing every last piece.


Matcha Lamington 

You can order this from their cake counter. It is nice and fluffy with a crumbly matcha exterior. I love the inside of the cake most of all as it is surprisingly rich with a solid-tasting texture. It really is a very large serving of cake and quite worth trying.


For 2 people, this was a good amount of food. This cafe has a really homey feel and I really liked talking to their waiters and waitresses. Friendly service and very accommodating for pets. There is usually a slight wait (5-10min) but after about 1pm, it isn’t very busy. Go check it out if you haven’t already!


Recommended: Matcha latte, spicy miso minced pork sandwich

xoxo Paula 


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