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I don’t like to drink coffee but when I arrived at Spicer, I thirsted for something cold. I felt a little too mature to ask for an iced chocolate so I got a cold coffee instead with their homemade nutty milk. It was such a hit that I worry I’ll step over to join the world of the habitual coffee-drinkers. 

Stepping out of the cafe with mango muffin leftovers packed in a serviette, I stumbled into a neighbouring bookstore. Usually bookstores and libraries disinterest me but this one was invitingly red and I walked in and immediately felt at home. I inspected every glossy cover and was suddenly taken by a pale, jade-coloured book. The gold embossing ‘Wild Swans’ gleamed as I picked it up and I wondered about the stories that hid under its paper-bound cover. When even my mum claimed to know of this Chinese story, I knew I wanted to spend what little money I had left on it. 

My daily life now always feels complete with a good book and a good walk with nature. The simple things are usually the best. The drive back included a detour to Double Bay and we hopped out, watching the waves play. I’m always near the water when something’s on my mind but today, the trivialities of life were not worth the contemplation. I stared out at the bobbing sails and the dimming horizon until the wind blew just a bit too icily and it was time to leave. 

Returning home, I discovered an unexpected surprise while tending to my plant. My newly gifted bonsai is doing well. I can already see its first bud. 

xoxo Paula 


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