I’ve realised more and more that it is so easy for fictitious powers to take a hold of us. And by ‘power,’ I more or less mean ‘words’.

Words, afterall, are a verbal embodiment of power and we either use them wisely or allow them to establish control over us. Words that come out of the mouths of people we converse with, words that we allow our own minds to utter; what we say and how we react to what is said determines our character and how strong-minded we are.

We think roughly 60,000 thoughts a day and there is a very strong danger when our words, whether thought up or spoken out, are pre-dominantly negative. It’s like when power falls into the wrong hands; it makes us feel bad, like we are trapped, stripped of choice and our right to be happy or free.

Our mind can be a wonderful servant, subservient to the goal that is to bring out the best in us. But… when it controls us, it becomes a horrid master. We can be confined in a make-believe hell, one where we allow ourselves to sludge around with made-up shackles, indulging in rooms of daggers that do nothing but hurt us. We can’t and must not allow our thoughts to have the power to manipulate or control us. If we do, we indirectly allow others to do the same to ourselves. 

It’s easy to fall under the delusion that you’re helpless. I have before in these seemingly real power-holds, but I’ve realised that I will always, always be able to fight it. And I can do this because I hold the negator called choice; the choice of reaction, the choice in how I think, the choice in how I adapt.

And you my friend, have that important power-card too.

xoxo Paula


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