Date with Winter

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As Sydney prepares for another low-key Ice Age, I’m trying to cope, running around going on daily scavenger hunts for warm pants to wear. I have never been well-equipped for winter time so once the frostiness hits, I’m like a deer caught in the headlights, still donning my favourite crop and shorts and waving around a swimsuit, asking my friends to go with me to the beach.

Only one good thing comes out of Winter and it’s that cold food tastes infinitely better when it’s actually cold. That is the truth for ice-cream.

My most recent ice-cream visit was to Zero Degrees, the newest Instagram flare up that sells Puffer Fish Ice-cream.

Coming in an edible waffle-cone that is shaped like a fish, it is topped with popping candy, chocolate icing and fruit. This combination was so good and I particularly liked the crunchiness of the waffle.  Hidden inside the cone was red-bean, just like the traditional Taiyaki and it was stellar.

Contrary to how it looks in photos, the fish waffle is actually quite small and both flatter and harder to hold than it seems. Keep in mind that the soft serve is quick to melt and a big chunk of my icecream actually fell on the ground much to my horror.

But if asked whether I’d get it again? Hell yeah.

 Location: [Regents Place] 501 George St, Sydney (Down the escalator)

xoxo Paula



Painted pink

Beauty, Fashion, Personal

There is something so intriguing about a woman with painted lips. The time taken to line the curves before carefully drawing the colour over is a striking and focussed art-form in itself.

I recently picked up a forgotten tube of lipstick which had been mixed into the pile of my unused makeup clutter. I was happily taken by surprise at the find and found myself suddenly wafting in memories of the time before its condemnation to the box.

I had bought it a year ago with Robyn and at the time we had just done a massive Bobbi Brown haul. I remember the first time I tried it on and we instantly had this situation where it was pleasing for the eyes yet most suffocating for the nose. I really could not stand how it smelt so I ditched it into the depths of my makeup box with no intentions to have it surfacing again. However, time honestly does wonders and now my stick of pink is more than bearable to apply.

I love how drastically a colour can change one’s aura and this pink seems to flair a beautiful dusty tone. It is matte, super elegant and to me, suppresses a quiet cry of rebel. It instantly makes you feel more youthful and bold whilst being subtle enough for casual dates or modest gatherings. The formula is creamy and pigmented and I love the shape of the bullet. Allows for those acutely precise flicks.

The spectrum of colour that can be found on someones lips is like the myriad of looks or personalities you can choose to enforce over yourself for the day.

And that, is why I love playing with lipstick.

Bobbi Brown – Sandwash Pink 22 

xoxo Paula




Cafe Oratnek: Food Review


Located: 4 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016 

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday (7am-4pm), Sunday (8am-4pm)

They also do dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Matcha Latte $4.20/4.90

Not going to lie, I came here mainly for this drink. It has the perfect amount of bitterness for me, but some people might be used to the more sugary versions at other cafes. I had it with one sugar in it and I found myself appreciating this plainer taste.



On Toast: Spicy miso minced pork, fried eggplant, sansho pepper $14

This is a must-have. The flavour of the meat is exceptional and balances really well with the eggplant. It is a new addition to their breakfast menu and it’s definitely one of my favourites now. Although it says spicy, it wasn’t really that spicy…


Sandwich: Pulled chicken, japanese curry, cheese, leaves, mayo $12

This had a nice, typical japanese curry taste. Not very spicy, but very juicy and generous on the sauce. Normally, I don’t like this kind of bread but with the thick sauce, it didn’t actually taste bad or dry. It could have had a bit more cheese, but overall not bad.

Sides: Chips, aonori, murray river pink salt, ketchup $6

I always get this. Usually this is really flavoursome with a really nice crisp texture. Today it was a little on the un-crunchy side but still, I found myself finishing every last piece.


Matcha Lamington 

You can order this from their cake counter. It is nice and fluffy with a crumbly matcha exterior. I love the inside of the cake most of all as it is surprisingly rich with a solid-tasting texture. It really is a very large serving of cake and quite worth trying.


For 2 people, this was a good amount of food. This cafe has a really homey feel and I really liked talking to their waiters and waitresses. Friendly service and very accommodating for pets. There is usually a slight wait (5-10min) but after about 1pm, it isn’t very busy. Go check it out if you haven’t already!


Recommended: Matcha latte, spicy miso minced pork sandwich

xoxo Paula 


Food, Personal

I don’t like to drink coffee but when I arrived at Spicer, I thirsted for something cold. I felt a little too mature to ask for an iced chocolate so I got a cold coffee instead with their homemade nutty milk. It was such a hit that I worry I’ll step over to join the world of the habitual coffee-drinkers. 

Stepping out of the cafe with mango muffin leftovers packed in a serviette, I stumbled into a neighbouring bookstore. Usually bookstores and libraries disinterest me but this one was invitingly red and I walked in and immediately felt at home. I inspected every glossy cover and was suddenly taken by a pale, jade-coloured book. The gold embossing ‘Wild Swans’ gleamed as I picked it up and I wondered about the stories that hid under its paper-bound cover. When even my mum claimed to know of this Chinese story, I knew I wanted to spend what little money I had left on it. 

My daily life now always feels complete with a good book and a good walk with nature. The simple things are usually the best. The drive back included a detour to Double Bay and we hopped out, watching the waves play. I’m always near the water when something’s on my mind but today, the trivialities of life were not worth the contemplation. I stared out at the bobbing sails and the dimming horizon until the wind blew just a bit too icily and it was time to leave. 

Returning home, I discovered an unexpected surprise while tending to my plant. My newly gifted bonsai is doing well. I can already see its first bud. 

xoxo Paula 



I’ve realised more and more that it is so easy for fictitious powers to take a hold of us. And by ‘power,’ I more or less mean ‘words’.

Words, afterall, are a verbal embodiment of power and we either use them wisely or allow them to establish control over us. Words that come out of the mouths of people we converse with, words that we allow our own minds to utter; what we say and how we react to what is said determines our character and how strong-minded we are.

We think roughly 60,000 thoughts a day and there is a very strong danger when our words, whether thought up or spoken out, are pre-dominantly negative. It’s like when power falls into the wrong hands; it makes us feel bad, like we are trapped, stripped of choice and our right to be happy or free.

Our mind can be a wonderful servant, subservient to the goal that is to bring out the best in us. But… when it controls us, it becomes a horrid master. We can be confined in a make-believe hell, one where we allow ourselves to sludge around with made-up shackles, indulging in rooms of daggers that do nothing but hurt us. We can’t and must not allow our thoughts to have the power to manipulate or control us. If we do, we indirectly allow others to do the same to ourselves. 

It’s easy to fall under the delusion that you’re helpless. I have before in these seemingly real power-holds, but I’ve realised that I will always, always be able to fight it. And I can do this because I hold the negator called choice; the choice of reaction, the choice in how I think, the choice in how I adapt.

And you my friend, have that important power-card too.

xoxo Paula


The heart is stubborn,
Refusing to let go when cornered.

It tries to climb the barbed wires,
Ignoring all the flags that are scattered,

Too proud to acknowledge the chase,
Too proud to lose face.

And so exists this painful fight,
Between the heart and between its mind.

Fighting for love wherein love lies,
In him or thy self, to whom does love fly.


xoxo Paula