Daylight dreams


It’s been a long while since I’ve believed in dreams.

I used to distance myself from them, defeated by the failures that came with chasing figments of your imagination. However as of late, amongst the mundane routines, it seems to be my favourite topic of discussion. To conjure all your fantasies and find ways for them to play out in real life- it’s really an endless wonderland of possibilities.

I’m not sure how easily others can respond to this question but when I got asked recently what my dream was, I had to really stop and think.

In the past, I thought that dreams were a case of fiction, coming from a comforting fantasy land where your resting mind visited in sleep. It seemed to be something make-believe, an ideal which you could never quite reach… It was always so much easier sinking into the luxury of laziness and beliefs of self-doubt.

But more and more, I’m seeing that if you let it, they can change form, become palpable and materialise into reality.

Dreams can only be realised when there is a combination of 3 things: the imagination, committed goals and persistent effort. Only when they are bunched together can any magic take place.

Once I became aware of this, dreams didn’t resemble the night to me anymore. In fact, dreams are what you see and make of daylight. Dreams keep you awake, they give you a life of purpose, and fulfillment means an abundance of achievement and happiness.

I feel like everyone at one stage has beat down their dreams, dispelling the nagging feelings that come with taking leaps into risky territories. And because I’ve done this myself in my life, I’m always reminded how fragile our dreams are. Whether it be someone telling you it can’t be done, or your preference for security over fantasy, dreams are extremely precious and it’s your duty to protect it.

So… what are your dreams and what steps are you taking today to make it happen? I was told once that this is something you should know deep down. If you don’t, you just might be lying to yourself.

For those lacking inspiration in their lives, dare to dream. Go big. Expand the horizons of your imagination and work tirelessly for the life you believe you deserve.

Afterall, what is life but a long lucid dream.

xoxo Paula


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