My acne journey

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img_1101I’ve never really been into skincare before. But then again, I won the genetic lottery, and never once had acne throughout my high school years when all my peers were popping pimples, and squeezing blackheads. Tbh, I still don’t know the difference between a whitehead and a pimple (If there is a difference).

My skin “care” routine consisted of splashing my face with water once in the morning (mostly to wake up), and once at night. I did use some Asian masks here and there, but it was more a few times a year thing then a religious ritual I abided by.

Then, came Uni…and engineering…mostly engineering. It was probably the stress of studying, or maybe it was puberty being a bitch (I still look 12). I didn’t really “break out”. I had one or two pimples here and there, and they weren’t the ones that looked like they were nesting a family of mini bees and ready to pop. They were small, practically unnoticeable ones. But I noticed.

My mum’s a beautician so she helped me pop them, but they’d come back every now and again just to say hi.

For the past few months, I’ve had a few breakouts in my T-zone. I popped them to the point that the skin around that area changed to white…I never really gave my skin time to heal before popping the next devil. After my unevenly coloured skin, I decided to stop popping my pimples. Boy was that hard…looking into the mirror everyday and having the thing stare right back at me was tormenting. But I held my ground.

I stopped using oil based creams on my T-zone (I have combination skin), and it’s even now slowly healing. I’ll write about my current skin care routine some other time. If you follow our Instagram (@eternalwanderers), you’d know that I’ve recently started to use the clarisonic. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, and would like to use it a bit more before I start writing a review. This was just a quick post talking about my “acne” journey.

xoxo Robyn


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