I didn’t know this at the time, but looking after a dog opens up a whole new way of life. I was lucky enough to look after a friend’s dog for a week and in that time, I feel that the dog has taught me a huge lesson. I learnt so many things from Bobby- mostly about unconditional love and about the transience of emotions. Example being getting mad at each other, only for him to crawl back into my arms the next, I could not have been more thankful to a dog for showing me what love is all about.

Bobby made me realise a lot of things and one of them is that I have a lonngggg way to go with being adept in the art of disciplining. You have to discipline dogs early. This likely applies to kids too. What I did that you probably shouldn’t do is spoil the pet too much. I gave it everything it wanted from the get go, playing with it when it wanted, patting it when it wanted, taking it out when it wanted and it pretty much likened me to an anytime masseuse or a chauffeur to get him from point A to B. 

I didn’t mind too much but inside I wished that I could have been one of those masters that the dog would listen to 100%. Bobby only listened about 30%. He was such a cheeky bugger but at the same time, so well-mannered and soooo cute and affectionate. I scared him with a hair dryer once, turning it on and shouting BANG before he’d adorably run away. I tried to teach him tricks too and he did one! Sort of… I taught him to give me his hand but this only happened when he was half asleep which is probably when he’s the most obedient. I tried this trick when he was awake and he just bit me. Evil dog.

Anyway! In the end, a furry animal that can only bark, taught me so much about myself and about love. Thinking about going home to that fluffy ball would make me so excited wherever I was and I honestly felt like such a star walking it down the street cause everyone stares at you and your dog when you walk it. 

Being realistic though, it definitely was a lot of work. Having to clean up after it, make time to play with it, walk it… It’s a certain responsibility that comes with looking after another life. I’m glad I did this one week trial because I realised that despite how much I love dogs, I’m not at the right stage of life to look after a pet. I need to dedicate a lot of time to get myself to where I want to be and I simply couldn’t give the dog the best quality of life being away so much. But one day, I can imagine caring for one 🙂 

Before then though, I’ll make sure to kidnap you again Bobby! Muhaha

 xoxo Paula 


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