About Paula 


I think it’s about time for a new one. 


I like wearing loose dresses to sleep

I really like kisses on my forehead

I’m a Virgo

I’m often a total scumbag when it comes to keeping my word

My secret talent is being able to identify voices

I like funny people especially those that can make me laugh hard

I have a particular sense of humour so it actually takes a lot for me to belly laugh

I love wearing lipstick

I like the colour “dusty pink”

I need to wear glasses but since I’m not a fan of getting those red marks on the top of my nose, I reason that I’m better without it

If I were to describe myself, I’d literally be like the colour dusty pink- I’m not overtly salient but a gentle and graceful/coy type. The dusty part alludes to the fact that I don’t clean all that much

I wish I were more glamorous

I have a baby voice which can get annoying, even for me…

I don’t like it when people test me, if they do and if I care enough, I’ll make sure to prove them wrong

I love lilies, hydrangeas and peonies

I don’t like sticking to the norm

If you think you know me, you don’t till you’ve been drinking with me

I fall in like with people really easily but going to that next step is really hard

My interest at this present moment is cooking

Something really important to me is having a good heart

I find it easy to see good things in everyone

However for me, beauty and respect diminishes in a person when their true nature is ugly and self-motivated

When I get pushed over the edge, I’ll disappear

For some weird reason, I tend to dumb myself down a lot

I severely dislike wearing bras

I have really bendy fingers

I live my life through rosy coloured glasses but after talking to lots of people about life, I’ve realised that we all view reality through custom-made lenses and what one believes to be fact may not be for another. So… I’m getting really confused about the world

Half my wardrobe consists of black clothing

I can’t hide my emotions. All you gotta do is sneak a look into my eyes and you’ll know

I lose energy talking for long periods of time so you won’t see me making too much sound in one go

However, I usually like listening for long periods of time

I get distracted quite easily

I’m a very skeptical person

I sometimes laugh really weirdly. You know the guy that plays Mozart in the movie Amadeus? Yeh I think I laugh like him

I almost always wear black hair ties around my wrist so I can whip up my hair anytime

I like having blond hair and if my bank account can help it, I will not be returning to black anytime soon

My last name should be spelt Lo but accidents happen and now my name rolls of the tongue pretty well

I’m not really a fan of the name Paula because I can’t draw nice P’s and it’s one of those names that sounds scary when someone calls it out angrily

I like names ending in I or Y or EE sounds- like Pauli 🙂 they’re sweet

The origin of my name is Latin- and it means the small. I’ve reinterpreted that to mean cute and care- inducing.

Yep that’s it for now. Did any surprise you? Haha anyway, appreciate the read. Thanks for supporting the page!

xoxo Paula


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