When a stranger offers you ice cream, get in their van

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You know how they teach you in primary school to stay away from strangers? And to not get into the creepy guy that’s offering you candy’s car? Especially if that car is a big white van? Well…that doesn’t apply when you’re in Japan…right?

On our recent trip to Japan, when we were in Kyoto, I was sick, and we couldn’t decide where to eat, we decided to go to the first restaurant we saw. An underground bar/restaurant near our Airbnb home. The owners were friendly, and the food was amazing. Probably the best udon I’ve ever had. The couple even gave us free ice cream at the end of our meal! 😊 we asked for directions to Fushimi inari shrine and were on our way.

After walking for about 30 or so minutes, there was a big white van that pulled up next to us and to our surprise, it was the couple from the restaurant! They offered us a lift to our destination. It would’ve been rude to decline, and besides they gave us FREE ICE CREAM. They must be nice people. (Robyn logic)

Kind of glad we took up their offer though…we thought it would be a 40minute walk (google maps prediction) but we must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and gotten lost.

Moral of the story: if someone offers you free ice cream, get in their van. Just kidding (don’t actually), but at least I’ve learnt that everyone with a van offering me a lift isn’t shady. You’ve just got to choose the right people.

xoxo Robyn

My acne journey

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img_1101I’ve never really been into skincare before. But then again, I won the genetic lottery, and never once had acne throughout my high school years when all my peers were popping pimples, and squeezing blackheads. Tbh, I still don’t know the difference between a whitehead and a pimple (If there is a difference).

My skin “care” routine consisted of splashing my face with water once in the morning (mostly to wake up), and once at night. I did use some Asian masks here and there, but it was more a few times a year thing then a religious ritual I abided by.

Then, came Uni…and engineering…mostly engineering. It was probably the stress of studying, or maybe it was puberty being a bitch (I still look 12). I didn’t really “break out”. I had one or two pimples here and there, and they weren’t the ones that looked like they were nesting a family of mini bees and ready to pop. They were small, practically unnoticeable ones. But I noticed.

My mum’s a beautician so she helped me pop them, but they’d come back every now and again just to say hi.

For the past few months, I’ve had a few breakouts in my T-zone. I popped them to the point that the skin around that area changed to white…I never really gave my skin time to heal before popping the next devil. After my unevenly coloured skin, I decided to stop popping my pimples. Boy was that hard…looking into the mirror everyday and having the thing stare right back at me was tormenting. But I held my ground.

I stopped using oil based creams on my T-zone (I have combination skin), and it’s even now slowly healing. I’ll write about my current skin care routine some other time. If you follow our Instagram (@eternalwanderers), you’d know that I’ve recently started to use the clarisonic. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, and would like to use it a bit more before I start writing a review. This was just a quick post talking about my “acne” journey.

xoxo Robyn

Dress me

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img_1126I had a lot of free time between arriving in Melbourne, and being able to check in at my hotel (note to self: book places with early check in next time. Or later flights). After leaving my luggage there and grabbing a bite, I started to roam the streets! (I had work the night before, hadn’t really slept, so decided to stick within a close range of my hotel.)
I first saw a very…interesting looking store. It kinda looked like a thrift shop but with a normal store price tag. After looking through the pieces there, I just couldn’t find anything that I thought would suit me. Moving on, I went into the central area where there were pop up clothing stores.

I got reeled in by one of the salesmen and the rest..is history. We were playing dress up for a few hours (what didn’t I try?) and I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe thanks to my fairy godfather Alex. He is an amazing stylist, has very unique fashion, and is just beyond amazing.

Turns out, the “thrift shop” I went into earlier was the same store selling the pop up clothing. Through this shopping experience, I’ve learnt to just try on random things. I mean, playing dress up is free anyway right? And also because of this, I’ve been more adventurous with my closet now. I’m no longer a basic b*tch 😝 I’ll find sometime to shoot all the pieces I bought and make a lookbook but for now, here’s a few shots.


Kitty’s candid


It’s Sid!


Me in a picture.


Forever besties


Ikea shopping. Skirt: grandma funk, Top: H&M


March into merivale food fest!



Mummy and I in Grandma funk 😍

xoxo Robyn

P.S. Totally in love with my deathly hallows necklace. It goes with everything! Follow us on Instagram @eternalwanderers to see what else I got!



I didn’t know this at the time, but looking after a dog opens up a whole new way of life. I was lucky enough to look after a friend’s dog for a week and in that time, I feel that the dog has taught me a huge lesson. I learnt so many things from Bobby- mostly about unconditional love and about the transience of emotions. Example being getting mad at each other, only for him to crawl back into my arms the next, I could not have been more thankful to a dog for showing me what love is all about.

Bobby made me realise a lot of things and one of them is that I have a lonngggg way to go with being adept in the art of disciplining. You have to discipline dogs early. This likely applies to kids too. What I did that you probably shouldn’t do is spoil the pet too much. I gave it everything it wanted from the get go, playing with it when it wanted, patting it when it wanted, taking it out when it wanted and it pretty much likened me to an anytime masseuse or a chauffeur to get him from point A to B. 

I didn’t mind too much but inside I wished that I could have been one of those masters that the dog would listen to 100%. Bobby only listened about 30%. He was such a cheeky bugger but at the same time, so well-mannered and soooo cute and affectionate. I scared him with a hair dryer once, turning it on and shouting BANG before he’d adorably run away. I tried to teach him tricks too and he did one! Sort of… I taught him to give me his hand but this only happened when he was half asleep which is probably when he’s the most obedient. I tried this trick when he was awake and he just bit me. Evil dog.

Anyway! In the end, a furry animal that can only bark, taught me so much about myself and about love. Thinking about going home to that fluffy ball would make me so excited wherever I was and I honestly felt like such a star walking it down the street cause everyone stares at you and your dog when you walk it. 

Being realistic though, it definitely was a lot of work. Having to clean up after it, make time to play with it, walk it… It’s a certain responsibility that comes with looking after another life. I’m glad I did this one week trial because I realised that despite how much I love dogs, I’m not at the right stage of life to look after a pet. I need to dedicate a lot of time to get myself to where I want to be and I simply couldn’t give the dog the best quality of life being away so much. But one day, I can imagine caring for one 🙂 

Before then though, I’ll make sure to kidnap you again Bobby! Muhaha

 xoxo Paula 

Ways to find cheap flights

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For those of you that don’t know me well, I LOVE finding deals, especially for travel. I am probably a better travel agent than any other travel agent you could hope to find. Paula and I paid about $300 (for the both of us) for our recent plane ticket to Japan. That’s $150 each.
Which airline? Jetstar.

How? Stalking.

I always stalk flights, sales, and competitions. Those flights were bought early on in the year during jetstar’s 2 for 1 sale. I’m currently trying to win us free trips to Japan and Europe. (I join all the Facebook competitions).

Here are my tricks:

Follow all the budget airlines on Facebook. No point following airlines like Emirates, Qantas, or Cathay pacific. Even if they have “sales”, it’ll still be more expensive than a normal budget airline ticket. But they do hold competitions occasionally, so following for those purposes isn’t bad either.

Join all the free flight/holiday competitions. Sure, your chances are slim, but you won’t even have a chance if you don’t enter.

Go on comparison sites like Expedia.com or just google “flight compare”.

Book early. I have a friend that always books last minute. He told me he booked a flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur for AUD$2000 sitting economy. I asked him if he booked on “takemymoney.com”. Honestly, flights to Malaysia should be around AUD$200 and definitely no more than $300. He booked a few days before Christmas though, so it was a given.

Research. I plan to go to Europe one day, not sure when. But, I’m stalking the flights now so I know what a good price to buy is. I can find flights as low as AUD$700 return(following tours), so when it comes to buying, I’ll know a good price range to aim for.

Don’t be afraid of Malaysia airlines or air Asia. I’ve been on both post crash/disappearance. What I can say is that Malaysia airlines is an AMAZING airline with great aircrafts and seats (not sponsored, we wish :p ). Due to the accidents, they’ve become a lot cheaper, and you tend to get an empty plane so you get the whole row to yourself. Airasia’s seats aren’t as comfortable but they are definitely cheaper. If it’s your time, you will go. Honestly, those accidents were just really unlucky. It could’ve happened to any airline but it just so happened that it was Malaysia airlines and AirAsia. Stop being paranoid and be cheap!

Hope these tips help you out on your next adventure.

xoxo Robyn

Update: We didn’t end up winning the Japan trip tickets but we’ve joined JNTO’s cruise competition. Wish us luck!

About Paula 


I think it’s about time for a new one. 


I like wearing loose dresses to sleep

I really like kisses on my forehead

I’m a Virgo

I’m often a total scumbag when it comes to keeping my word

My secret talent is being able to identify voices

I like funny people especially those that can make me laugh hard

I have a particular sense of humour so it actually takes a lot for me to belly laugh

I love wearing lipstick

I like the colour “dusty pink”

I need to wear glasses but since I’m not a fan of getting those red marks on the top of my nose, I reason that I’m better without it

If I were to describe myself, I’d literally be like the colour dusty pink- I’m not overtly salient but a gentle and graceful/coy type. The dusty part alludes to the fact that I don’t clean all that much

I wish I were more glamorous

I have a baby voice which can get annoying, even for me…

I don’t like it when people test me, if they do and if I care enough, I’ll make sure to prove them wrong

I love lilies, hydrangeas and peonies

I don’t like sticking to the norm

If you think you know me, you don’t till you’ve been drinking with me

I fall in like with people really easily but going to that next step is really hard

My interest at this present moment is cooking

Something really important to me is having a good heart

I find it easy to see good things in everyone

However for me, beauty and respect diminishes in a person when their true nature is ugly and self-motivated

When I get pushed over the edge, I’ll disappear

For some weird reason, I tend to dumb myself down a lot

I severely dislike wearing bras

I have really bendy fingers

I live my life through rosy coloured glasses but after talking to lots of people about life, I’ve realised that we all view reality through custom-made lenses and what one believes to be fact may not be for another. So… I’m getting really confused about the world

Half my wardrobe consists of black clothing

I can’t hide my emotions. All you gotta do is sneak a look into my eyes and you’ll know

I lose energy talking for long periods of time so you won’t see me making too much sound in one go

However, I usually like listening for long periods of time

I get distracted quite easily

I’m a very skeptical person

I sometimes laugh really weirdly. You know the guy that plays Mozart in the movie Amadeus? Yeh I think I laugh like him

I almost always wear black hair ties around my wrist so I can whip up my hair anytime

I like having blond hair and if my bank account can help it, I will not be returning to black anytime soon

My last name should be spelt Lo but accidents happen and now my name rolls of the tongue pretty well

I’m not really a fan of the name Paula because I can’t draw nice P’s and it’s one of those names that sounds scary when someone calls it out angrily

I like names ending in I or Y or EE sounds- like Pauli 🙂 they’re sweet

The origin of my name is Latin- and it means the small. I’ve reinterpreted that to mean cute and care- inducing.

Yep that’s it for now. Did any surprise you? Haha anyway, appreciate the read. Thanks for supporting the page!

xoxo Paula

Mountain spinning 

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This wasn’t my first trip to Taiwan, but it will be my last trip visiting all its mountains has to offer. I love the scenery and the fresh mountain air, but travelling for a week straight visiting various mountains just isn’t my thing.  
 Because of taiwan’s geographical layout, the roads to reach the mountains were extremely curved, and we were spinning for a few hours before reaching our destination. I’m not one to get car sick, but after this trip, I never want to sit in another van again.

 After a while, the mountains all look the same to me, and the novelty is lost. I think it’s definitely worth seeing, but not packing 10+ mountains into a week.

xoxo Robyn 



Last year, I started something that I never in a million years imagined I would take up and that was dun dun dunnn…. Pole dance. Or as I like to called it, pole fitnessssss 🙂 This gloriously acrobatic and sexy sport seemed so beyond something shy Paula would do but with a bit of spontaneity, I agreed to try some classes and have now done it for about 10 months.
Pole definitely isn’t something that meets the eye. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding it but honestly, there’s lot more to it than people perceive at first judgement. After going through about 40 weeks of classes, I can tell you that more than anything, it is an intensely challenging fitness program which tests your body and mind to master incredibly difficult moves and spins. I have learnt to deal with excruciating pain, learnt to trust myself and had to really adopt a fighting spirit to be able to tackle on the danger and pain that comes with learning pole.
For those who are interested in trying pole, I can tell you that the first 20 lessons will be the most easy fun you’ll have… BUT from that point on, be prepared for a whole other dimension of pain. Oh and did I mention that if you’re prone to bruising, your legs will never look the same. They’ll take on a pretty shocking transformation, turning into battered and bruised splotchy limbs. But don’t worry, it all adds to the hype factor when your friends hear about it.

Now with me, someone with literally no upper body strength who couldn’t even do 5 push-ups without intense arm tremors, I can now proudly say that I can climb poles from bottom to top and have accumulated a modestly-sized repertoire of tricks. I admire pole dancers so much, primarily for their strength, elegance and determination and if you knew what they did to get to where they are, you would have so much respect for them too. It’s just too bad 90% of people associate it with strip clubs, whereas I believe it should be associated with skilful artistic expression. 
And bruises. That definitely comes next.
Pole, like I was told by my fellow pole dancing friends who started before me, has helped a lot with my confidence and I’ve learnt to just embrace what I do without really worrying about what other people think. I’m really proud of what I’m doing and even more proud that I’ve decided to look past the discomfort and pain to commit to something far more challenging than I’ve found any other sport. Nothing comes easy in life and in this studio, I’m able to keep pushing the limits of my body. The momentary pains in class and practise are totally worth everything I end up learning.
Also one more judgement I wanted to rid was that guys can’t pole. I’m telling you, pole is for everyone, all shapes and sizes. I’m so inspired by the guys I see at my studio or even at performances because they’re so strong and just tackle on the moves without whinging. They give a new sense of stability and power seen in pole and to me, it is so inspirational.
Here are some photos of me at pole as I’ve progressed through the levels. I still have a long way to go but if you have any questions about pole, feel free to ask! Credits to Studio Verve instructors for the images.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.10.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.48.26 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.48.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.48.41 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.49.35 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.49.23 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.47.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.46.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.46.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.36.21 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.34.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.30.18 PM

xoxo Paula