The time I did drugs and alcohol


My first and last time EVER passing out after drinking alcohol was New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong a few years back. What did I have to drink? A sip of corona. No, I am NOT that weak. I can drink a whole 3 or 4 tequila shots nowadays before getting loopy.

I actually had the flu, and the doctor had prescribed me some antibiotics. Little did I know, alcohol and drugs do not mix. There wasn’t any water on the table, and I thought I was gonna drink anyway so I downed the meds with my corona. Next thing I know, I’m rushing to the toilet to vomit, being tugged here and there by random Hong Kong guys to go dance with them, and then blacking out for a few hours on my table.

Luckily, I had good mates looking after me. I managed to wake up just before the count down, and have thoroughly learnt my lesson. I honestly didn’t even know it was the alcohol + antibiotics mix until I talked to the doctor. Oh well, lesson learnt. Hopefully this was educational to some of you. Don’t do drugs and alcohol šŸ˜›

xoxo Robyn


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