Food poisoning, antibiotics, and Yakult 

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I recently had an experience with food poisoning. I’m not even sure what it was but I suspect the lettuce leaves weren’t cleaned individually (mkr Zana reference) at a certain place I ate at.

Suspected culprit. look at those leaves

Side note: If you haven’t watched mkr, go watch it! I was actually mocking Zana thinking how ridiculous she was wanting them to wash every lettuce leaf individually until I saw the news the next day about an outbreak of unclean salad leaves causing salmonella…

Moving on, after having really bad stomach pains, diarrhoea, and headaches, I decided I needed a doctor. Unfortunately, it was almost midnight, and all the medical centres around me were closed. Fortunately, I could call a doctor (and it was free! Praise Medicare!) 13SICK for any of you Australians that need an after hours doctor.

After waiting about 2 hours, the doctor came and told me to pretty much just keep doing what I was doing. Run to the toilet, and get all the bugs out of my system. Oh, also to drink some Yakult.

He explained to me that antibiotics didn’t really work well for the bugs in Australia compared to those in south east Asia, and that it was sort of a gamble when eating antibiotics whether they would be killing the good bacteria, or the bad. If it killed the good, I’m even more screwed. If it killed the bad, I’m good.

The Yakult was used to balance out the bacteria within my stomach, by drinking 4/5 at a time, I would be giving my body probiotics, and therefore giving my body the ability to combat the bad bacteria instead of blind killing everything in sight and hoping I killed the right ones.

Next time a doctor offers me antibiotics, I’m gonna get a second, or even third opinion. They never really worked for me the first time, and now I know why. I probably kill off the good bacteria the first time, and then go back for the bad ones when the doctor prescribes me stronger antibiotics. Don’t think I’m going to take anymore antibiotics in Australia. I recommend you to the same. Let your body do the fighting.

xoxo Robyn


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