Sushisho masa

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I will never lose to food.

There are 7 seats, no menu, and masa. He caters the menu according to his customers. Smaller portions/menu for females, larger for males, lighter for pregnant women etc. The meal wasn’t just delicious, it was quite educational too. He had an English book of fish waiting on hand to show us what we were about to eat.
 We were first served a handful of sea grapes (A.K.A green caviar). It was my first experience with them and they were so much fun to eat! Slightly vinegared, and a great crunch when bitten. If you haven’t tried them yet, if highly recommend getting some! You can eat them raw and they’re quite healthy too 😏

The meal lasted a few hours with us constantly being fed pieces of sushi, or sipping cups of matcha.

The sushi was prepared fresh in front of us, with masa taking each piece of fish from the box above.

 I have never had such a soft piece of octopus in Sydney, but we NEED  to start massaging our octopus…it just melted in my mouth. Most of the dishes were slightly seasoned with either soy sauce, wasabi, or just on their own. I love how they preserve the ingredients’ original tastes, and focus on enhancing.


I have always loved foie gras, but now, I have a new favourite: MONK FISH LIVER!

 What is monk fish you ask? I don’t know. Google it. But what I can tell you is that it’s liver is extremely delicious. It’s soft, creamy, and has a slight oceanic flavour in the aftertaste.

 I am a big fan of spicy food, but seeing a glob of wasabi rolled in a small piece of sushi wasn’t very reassuring…but surprisingly, the wasabi didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would. In fact, it didn’t hit me at all. The oiliness of the tuna cancelled out the wasabi.

   There were more photos but our phone ran out of battery, so we’ll be sure to charge before we go next time!
The experience at masa’s was really one of a kind, and I would highly recommend it.

It is quite a pricey meal, but worth every cent. Our experience cost ¥35000 but we ate till we were bursting, and Paula even gave up near the end. But I will never lose to food. 😝

xoxo Robyn


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