The time I did drugs and alcohol


My first and last time EVER passing out after drinking alcohol was New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong a few years back. What did I have to drink? A sip of corona. No, I am NOT that weak. I can drink a whole 3 or 4 tequila shots nowadays before getting loopy.

I actually had the flu, and the doctor had prescribed me some antibiotics. Little did I know, alcohol and drugs do not mix. There wasn’t any water on the table, and I thought I was gonna drink anyway so I downed the meds with my corona. Next thing I know, I’m rushing to the toilet to vomit, being tugged here and there by random Hong Kong guys to go dance with them, and then blacking out for a few hours on my table.

Luckily, I had good mates looking after me. I managed to wake up just before the count down, and have thoroughly learnt my lesson. I honestly didn’t even know it was the alcohol + antibiotics mix until I talked to the doctor. Oh well, lesson learnt. Hopefully this was educational to some of you. Don’t do drugs and alcohol ūüėõ

xoxo Robyn

Be like her


I took my grandparents to the pool the other day and as I was floating in the bubbles of the spa, I noticed an old man looking over at us whilst we were laughing about some forgotten memory.
As I made eye contact with him, he questioned, “Is that your grandma?” I nodded and he continued, “I always see your grandparents here and your grandma gives me an impression of 3 things.” He perked up his fingers and proceeded to counting down. “She gives off a feeling of contentment, she seems caring and lastly, she’s also very elegant” and elaborated his thoughts. I looked over at my totally clueless grandma before translating and she giggled, giving him the cutest thank you I ever heard. He concluded, “Be like your grandma” with an all-knowing look and left it at that.
It was such a beautiful moment; when people make the effort to give strangers advice or compliments, you know it’s coming from a good place. I thought about his words a bit more whilst I stretched out inside the sauna. My grandma is such an amazingly kind woman and she embodies everything I want to be; she is witty, caring, loving, cute, fair, she puts others before herself, doesn’t care for superficial things, cooks really well, not lazy in the slightest and always makes the effort to do things for other people. She is such a great role model and is always there for me and my family. It took a kind man’s words to remind me that I have a long way to go to being even a 10th of the woman my grandma is.
So I have a question. Who’s someone you look up to in your life? What sort of person do you want to be?
xoxo Paula

Food poisoning, antibiotics, and Yakult 

Food, Personal

I recently had an experience with food poisoning. I’m not even sure what it was but I suspect the lettuce leaves weren’t cleaned individually (mkr Zana reference) at a certain place I ate at.

Suspected culprit. look at those leaves

Side note: If you haven’t watched mkr, go watch it! I was actually mocking Zana thinking how ridiculous she was wanting them to wash every lettuce leaf individually until I saw the news the next day about an outbreak of unclean salad leaves causing salmonella…

Moving on, after having really bad stomach pains, diarrhoea, and headaches, I decided I needed a doctor. Unfortunately, it was almost midnight, and all the medical centres around me were closed. Fortunately, I could call a doctor (and it was free! Praise Medicare!) 13SICK for any of you Australians that need an after hours doctor.

After waiting about 2 hours, the doctor came and told me to pretty much just keep doing what I was doing. Run to the toilet, and get all the bugs out of my system. Oh, also to drink some Yakult.

He explained to me that antibiotics didn’t really work well for the bugs in Australia compared to those in south east Asia, and that it was sort of a gamble when eating antibiotics whether they would be killing the good bacteria, or the bad. If it killed the good, I’m even more screwed. If it killed the bad, I’m good.

The Yakult was used to balance out the bacteria within my stomach, by drinking 4/5 at a time, I would be giving my body probiotics, and therefore giving my body the ability to combat the bad bacteria instead of blind killing everything in sight and hoping I killed the right ones.

Next time a doctor offers me antibiotics, I’m gonna get a second, or even third opinion. They never really worked for me the first time, and now I know why. I probably kill off the good bacteria the first time, and then go back for the bad ones when the doctor prescribes me stronger antibiotics. Don’t think I’m going to take anymore antibiotics in Australia. I recommend you to the same. Let your body do the fighting.

xoxo Robyn

Sushisho masa

Food, Travel

I will never lose to food.

There are 7 seats, no menu, and masa. He caters the menu according to his customers. Smaller portions/menu for females, larger for males, lighter for pregnant women etc. The meal wasn’t just delicious, it was quite educational too. He had an English book of fish waiting on hand to show us what we were about to eat.
¬†We were first served a handful of sea grapes (A.K.A green caviar). It was my first experience with them and they were so much fun to eat! Slightly vinegared, and a great crunch when bitten. If you haven’t tried them yet, if highly recommend getting some! You can eat them raw and they’re quite healthy too ūüėŹ

The meal lasted a few hours with us constantly being fed pieces of sushi, or sipping cups of matcha.

The sushi was prepared fresh in front of us, with masa taking each piece of fish from the box above.

¬†I have never had such a soft piece of octopus in Sydney, but we NEED ¬†to start massaging our octopus…it just melted in my mouth. Most of the dishes were slightly seasoned with either soy sauce, wasabi, or just on their own. I love how they preserve the ingredients’ original tastes, and focus on enhancing.


I have always loved foie gras, but now, I have a new favourite: MONK FISH LIVER!

¬†What is monk fish you ask? I don’t know. Google it. But what I can tell you is that it’s liver is extremely delicious. It’s soft, creamy, and has a slight oceanic flavour in the aftertaste.

¬†I am a big fan of spicy food, but seeing a glob of wasabi rolled in a small piece of sushi wasn’t very reassuring…but surprisingly, the wasabi didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would. In fact, it didn’t hit me at all. The oiliness of the tuna cancelled out the wasabi.

¬†¬†¬†There were more photos but our phone ran out of battery, so we’ll be sure to charge before we go next time!
The experience at masa’s was really one of a kind, and I would highly recommend it.

It is quite a pricey meal, but worth every cent. Our experience cost ¬•35000 but we ate till we were bursting, and Paula even gave up near the end. But I will never lose to food. ūüėĚ

xoxo Robyn

My skin 

Beauty, Personal

I’ve always been pretty comfortable being in my own skin. Especially as of late. But early last year, something unfortunate struck my face and it suddenly became a terror zone for zits and imperfections. As some of you may know, I’m as far off being a typical girl as I lead on. I don’t exactly cook, don’t clean and sometimes I’m hardly bothered to look nice. Rejecting my mum’s time-consuming rituals of keeping healthy looking skin was quite aggravating for her and she just gave up when I became a believer that diet would change my system… But it didn’t. Because I also don’t diet.

So after a year of what seemed like defaming ads of permanent pimple product placements (which attracted the most disgusting of creatures like mosquitoes and spiders), I decided to make a change and I don’t think I can look back.

Once I came back from my holiday, I went out and splurged on a few beauty products. I’ve waited a few weeks before writing about it just so I can give an accurate review. In that time, I’ve also done a facial extraction which hurt like crazy but it’s helped to get the gunk out of my skin.

In my beginner’s collection are:

– Kiehl’s: Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

РFrank Body: Face and Body Scrub 

РAesop: B & Tea Balancing Toner 

РEstée Lauder: Advanced Night Repair Serum

– L’Occitane: Essence Sublime Serum¬†

– Innisfree: Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

РInnisfree: An assortment of face masks 

РEtude House: Collagen Moistful Cream 

Quick review of each

Kiehl’s.¬†Been using this for a few years and it works reliably, lathering up to a nice creamy foam without leaving your skin too dry. The first time I used it, I remember seeing instant improvement in complexion and my pimples didn’t look as noticeable.

Frank Body. I exfoliate every second day and when I do, I use it as a replacement to my face wash. It smells really good and it seems to get all the dead skin cells, dirt and makeup residue off. It leaves my skin looking dewy and much more smooth. The oils in the product also leave a trace of moisture though some may find it too oily.

Aesop. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much toner has been helping my skin. It keeps the oils at bay and I use it at night after cleansing. 3 splashes is enough to get my whole face and neck saturated in it. Smells a bit herbal but once it’s dried on your face, you can’t smell it. A good quality product.

Est√©e Lauder. Apparently every girl’s expensive best friend. And I have to say, this product is amazingggg. After my first use, I instantly saw a massive improvement to my complexion. It looked so balanced, hydrated, even, bright and it helped reduce the size of my pores and pimples. I squeeze a 10 cent coin amount and it’s enough to spread over the face and neck area and I pat dry.

L’Occitane. This product feels nice. It leaves the skin feeling like when you use primer; soft and smooth. Not sure if this product helps that much but in general I’ve noticed better skin so it must be doing something. The box says it reduces facial impurities and I believe I’ve seen that in general.

Innisfree. I love this product! It comes in a pump bottle and the ashy volcanic mousse is so soft and creamy. I pump 2-3 times to get a good amount to cover my face. The formula is so easy and smooth to work with and it dries really solidly after about 10-15min. Makes your skin feel so firm and tightened.

Innisfree masks. I’m not sure if these masks are for me. I seem to get a tingly reaction to them and it feels a bit uncomfortable. Generally I don’t like these types of masks because they feel so slimey haha but I’m willing to use them all in the name of better skin! They have cute flavours I’ve gotta admit and pretty packaging too so it’s a small plus.

Etude House. This has a nice subtle scent and it isn’t too thick. It’s a light moisturiser which is perfect for me because I’m more oily prone. It seals in all my creams and serums and stops bacteria, dirt etc from getting into the deeper layers of my skin.

So there you have it, my current beauty ritual in an attempt to be more feminine and self-nurturing. Hope it’s helped some of you who are looking to get some new products and if you see me, review my skin haha hopefully it’s better than the last time you saw it.

xoxo Paula