Alisan (阿里山)


Sitting in the van for 5 hours, with constant turns just to get up to this mountain, I was expecting a lot. But once I got there, all I found were hotpot restaurants, a few convenience stores, and two 7/11’s. After settling down, and having dinner, I decided to head to bed early as I would be waking up a few hours later to watch the sun rise.  
Waking up at 4am to line up for almost an hour, and then take a 25 minute train ride up the mountain to watch the moon disappear from the train windows was not fun. I am not a morning person, but after the long 5hour curvy drive up the mountain (that made most of us car sick), I wasn’t going to miss out on this supposedly amazing view.

The top of the mountain was freezing cold, but luckily they had 2 stores selling hot soup and food (at unreasonable prices might I add). After waiting an hour, the sun decided to rise but was unfortunately covered by some clouds. After waiting for another half an hour or so, we finally saw the sun rise. However, it wasn’t a big, orange/yellow sun that I was expecting, but a bright white, glaring sun that I couldn’t look at without being blinded.

 Was it worth it? Personally, I don’t think so. But maybe you’ll be luckier than I am and come on a clear day. Now I need to sit on the van and swirl my way back down the mountain.

xoxo Robyn


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