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Amidst the blur of the cities we visited, I remember Osaka fondly; like the kind of dream city that I know I can almost seamlessly immerse myself into if I were to pack my bags one day.

I like a city that can inspire, one that has endless nooks and crannies which I can fall in love with – and Osaka is brimming with this: diversity, hidden alleys, nightlife and good street food.

This city bubbles with liveliness and walking down the main districts give you a sense that you’re a part of a city of reputation and pride. The men are almost as detailed as the women and I found it so funny when I realised how seriously the people take after their country’s output of art and creativity.

Japan obviously equates (at least partially) to anime and in that, it also equates to fantasy worlds. The women literally look like anime characters and the trends mimic this doe-eyed, child-like beauty. Heavily darkened coats of mascara with copious amounts of blush (sometimes applied in defined oval shapes under the eyes). Glistening lips and an odd array of coloured contacts and hair dye are all seen in the mix of fashion and beauty here. As I mentioned before, even the men surprise me. They don’t seem to wear makeup per say but I couldn’t quite get over how much of a surprise it was to see guys that plucked and shaped their eyebrows into high bridges. Anime characters, like I said.

When I compare it to Australian fashion, it is indeed a completely different expression altogether. Sure, elaborate eyebrows that take a good 15min to perfect are really in at the moment but if I had to describe Aussie women, it’d be effortlessly chic and sexy, a mixture of mood expressions captured through clothing. In Japan, rather than individual expression, it often appears to be collective. I mean, I saw so many camel-coloured coats and so many fedora hats. Every girl radiated with class and salon-hair looks and similarly feminine beauty trends.

It was nice being apart of it, even if it was just for 3 days.


xoxo Paula


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