Quick Review of what we ate in Melbourne 

Food, Travel

 Robyn and I love trying new things but our first craving after landing in Melbourne was to re-familiarise ourselves (and introduce Kitty) to an old favourite, The Grain Store.
(Quick note that bookings are necessary if you’d like to skip the 10-15min wait but if you like lounging on fluro chairs and gazing at massive wall art to pass the time, then no need)
  The Prahna Chai blew us away last time and we made sure to ask for quinoa milk again. However, the anticipation was met with equal disappointment as it tasted nothing like it did before with strange and sour flavours. What happened…
The roast pork with summer ratatouille and grilled pear, however, turned the tables around as the combinations of flavours in this dish were absolutely delicious. Only critique would be that it needed crunchier crackling but honestly, this is a highly recommended dish!
Robyn’s dish has really soft and pink salmon and a nice bed of cauliflower and pea purée underneath.  Finished in no time.
 Fries with chipotle sauce- soooo good. They’re not crunchy but the potato is creamy and delicious. Sauce was amazing too and it had a nice kick to it.


These precisely-cut Rosemary polenta chips were thick with a crunchy outside and a softer, cheesier inside. Really good side as well!

The minute steak looked so beautiful when it came out. The meat was juicy and the portion was quite filling. Get this if you like steak.


T by Luxbite. We didn’t get anything this time because we were overloaded from brunch but we will next time we visit!



Honestly, this place (opposite H&M) has the best juice in the world! The smoothies are also so, so good. A must-try!

 Finished off the night with Nandos at the airport. The chicken was tender and the hummus was much better than expected. Salad was spot on and the bread was nice when dipped in with the sauce. Was not a Nandos fan until today.

Until next time!

xoxo Paula


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