4am Flat tyres


I want to share one of my experiences this week with everyone. It’s 4am. I’ve got a flat tyre, called in late for work and am waiting for roadside assist. I’ve never been too much of a girly girl up until the end of high school, but at the same time, I was never a tomboy. I love games, but I’m clueless about cars. Except for how sexy the Lamborghini aventador is 😛

My dream car.

“Do you have a spare tyre?”
“No…can I purchase one from you?”
“No, but I can tow your car for you”
“Are there any shops open where I can get a spare tyre?”
“Not at this time”

Then what’s the point of towing my car?! After a long and seemingly pointless conversation with the guy at NRMA road assist, he asked “Have you checked the door in your boot?”

THERE’S A DOOR IN MY BOOT?! WHAAAAATTT?? Ok, am I the only one that didn’t know this?? (According to everyone I’ve told this story to so far, yes. I am the only one..) Thinking the guy was completely wrong and thinking of one of those fancy rich people cars, I opened up the boot to my beat up 2004 Toyota Corolla and there it was. A little flap to open the secret door that hid the key to all my problems. A SPARE TYRE!!! It was like magic and I do apologise for screaming in your ear NRMA guy (If you ever read this) but I was too excited!

So about 40 minutes later, roadside assist came and helped me replace my tyre 🙂 It took the guy about 2 minutes to replace it…and it probably would’ve taken me at least half a day just to jack my car up and make sure it wouldn’t come crashing down on me. (and to think I used to call myself an engineer… *sigh*)

Free2Go Roadside Assist! Everyone should sign up!

Now I’ve got a shiny new tyre but my car makes scrapey metal noises when I hit the brakes (dw, going to get this checked out next week). If you want to know how I got a flat tyre, I’ll be honest. I’m asian. I’m female, and yes, I am THE stereotype. I was driving way too fast, knicked the kerb, busted my tyre and ended up in this situation. Have I learnt my lesson? Maybe. Will I continue to speed? Of course I will! 😛

Hope you enjoyed reading about my random 4am dilemma, and now you know when you see me on the road, try to get away from me ASAP.

xoxo Robyn

P.S. If you haven’t already, people under 20 can have FREE roadside assist via NRMA’s free2go!! (This isn’t an ad, not getting paid, it’s just that I’ve used them twice already and they’ve been awesome so why not share? and it’s COMPLETELY FREE for (I think) 2 years! So if you sign up when you’re 20, it will still last!


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