Summer Favourites 2015 Video!


Hey everyone!

It is nearing the end of summer and we wanted to go beyond photos to show you some of our favourite pieces in the last few months. We are so excited to announce that our second S&S video has now been uploaded to YouTube, titled ‘Summer Favourites 2015!’

In this video, we have put together 4 outfits inspired by the Australian summer. We wanted to give you a sneak peak into what we would wear on hot days and if it helps you to style in any way, that’s a big bonus for us 🙂

Our video can be found below and if you like it, please give it lots of love, likes and shares!

IMG_1614 (2)

On a side note, we learnt all the editing from scratch and decided to compose an original beat for the music. Let us know what you think! This is just the start and there will be more to come from S&S so please look forward to it!

xoxo Paula and Robyn


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