Food Festival at the Ivy


We just went to the March into Merivale launch party (A.K.A. FOOD FESTIVAL!!!). It’s an event where the best of the Merivale groups’ restaurants/venues come to ivy and set up a pop up shop!

The list of venues were: “Uccello, Pool Club pizza, est., Mr Wong, Bistrode CBD, sushi e, Papi Chulo, Vinnie’s Pizza, Felix, Ash St. Cellar, Palmer & Co, The Beresford Hotel, El Loco Cocktails & Tacos, Coogee Pavilion, The Fish Shop, Palings, Ms.G’s, Sunee’s, Lorraine’s Patisserie, Functions & Events at Merivale and Chandon Vintage Pop-Up Bar.”

and yes, we visited ALL of them.

I only wish we got there earlier so that we had enough time to try everything before they ran out..and so that we wouldn’t have to be running up and down stairs! 😦 We will need to make another visit to Mr Wong’s another day! Everything was gone by the time we got there…

It was our first ever visit to Ivy; I’ve heard pretty bad things about the club being “dirty” but I’ve heard WRONG! It was such a nice venue and we plan to visit again in our LBD’s hehe (Note: LBD = Little black dress). I really loved everything about the venue; especially the pool area and the see through ball shaped hanging chairs!! (<– worst description but here’s some photos)

Paula was wearing a really nice red maxi dress with strappy black heels and since I didn’t get the “fancy dress” memo, I wore a plain checkered shirt dress paired with my favourite knee high boots. I felt so underdressed but I still made it work! At least my feet weren’t tortured whilst running up and down the stairs 😛 hehe

We’ve gained some experience from this time around; and some advice for people going to upcoming food festivals & for the the next time we go to a food festival/event, here’s some advice:

  1. Get there EARLY
  2. Check out the stalls and their menus and PLAN what you want to eat (It was really last minute for us so not much prep was done)
  3. Probably the most important point: DESSERT FIRST!!! Everyone goes for dessert after they’ve had their savoury food, so you’ll find really long lines at the end of the night and also, a lot of the dessert will be gone by that time; so if you have a sweet tooth like us, then head to the dessert stalls ASAP!
  4. Lastly, note to self: Call Paula and coordinate outfits! haha

Pastel coloured flags at the entrance of the Ivy.

IMG_1008 IMG_0847 IMG_0853 IMG_1009 IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0861 IMG_0864 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_1010 IMG_0876

Thai Mango Salad: This was really one of the best things from the night! It was fresh, had a touch of sourness but still had that chilli kick. Had more than one of this ^^

Satay Chicken Skewer: This was loaded with sauce and so tender. It had a nice nutty flavour with hints of sweetness

IMG_1005 IMG_0932


Sandwich bun with layers of meat and vegetables. WIsh it had a bit more sauce as it  was a bit dry. Your typical sandwich in a fancy bun

A delicious wrap. Crunchy with good flavour


Mango lemon curd, meringue with shortbread by Est. Liked the bit of meringue inside but it was somewhat disappointing

IMG_0926 IMG_0935 IMG_0929

Oysters and a tray of assorted meats

Even when I was eating it, I had no idea what it was... It wasn't very memorable taste-wise either


Pizza from Vinnie's Pizza - Queen Magherita - Salento - Patate e salsiccia Mixed reviews but the tomato based ones were really good! These were woodfired and the crust was so soft and



Chocolate profiteroles: we had 2 cones of these babies. The cones made it a bit difficult eat - like our last ones were stuck at the bottom. Continuing with the disappoint, they were all soggy by this time of the night and tasted quite meh. Wasn't worth the long wait and not worthy of the (ferrero) "rocher" name


Curvy slabs of chocolate. It had a beautiful sheen of dark crimson and tasted of cherry. It was an alcoholic chocolate but tasted pretty good!

More dessert

Wish I could take this home with me. So in love with ceiling chairs ^^

xoxo Paula and Robyn


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