First day at the AIE (S&S Robyn)


Hello world, it’s Robyn!


This is the date that I first started at the AIE. I was so nervous the night before that I didn’t get any sleep. I think I fell asleep for about 2 hours at 5am but that was about it. I was so nervous and excited to get there.

Once I arrived, I was a little intimidated because everyone had sort of already formed little groups and was talking away. It was sort of hard to join so being the little awkward asian that I am, I stood in a little corner at the back.

Afterwards, we assembled upstairs and got a little introduction from our future teachers and mentors. We then had afternoon tea where I did meet 2 girls! They both studied design though so I never really saw them again…I’ll probably see them around campus some time though! 🙂

Then, we broke off into our streams. If you’re wondering, I’m studying game programming and virtual worlds 🙂 We got our pictures taken for our ID cards and got awesome AIE t-shirts!!! Luckily my class was one of the firsts so all sizes & designs were still available. (I’m also planning to get a hoodie now, only the first day and already have so much school pride hehe)

After getting our pictures taken, we got a little introduction to our course, what to expect, what to do etc. All of my teachers seem really nice and I’m so excited to learn from them!! My main teacher will be Roger Keating. He’s one of the grandfather’s of strategy games!! :O it couldn’t get any better than that!!

During our lunch break, I got to meet another designer and a girl from my class 🙂 (yes, it’s not all guys). I just can’t wait to group up and work with everyone in term 4! I haven’t met a game designer though but I’ll probably lurk around the game design classes to bump into one hehe. I’m really interested in how game designing would work and to see what kind of ideas others have! 🙂

The rest of the day was just more information on the course and just random facts! Haha O yea! When I was taking the tram to central, I met a few people, but the one I remember most would be Celeste! You guys might know her because she’s a cosplayer!!! *squeel* I’ve always wanted to try cosplaying and after talking with Celeste, I think I might give it a go at SMASH this year! 😀

Once I got home, I just crashed. I was excited for what’s to come in the next 3 years at the AIE but I needed some good Z’s.

That was my first day at AIE. I will be posting a bit more about my programming journey so hope you stay tuned! I am a beginner though so a lot of the things would be pretty basic (you’ve got to start somewhere right?).

xoxo Robyn


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