Birthdays and death by chocolate

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I’ve been pretty overwhelmed this past week from uni, work, S&S, friends etc. and one of my bestfriends’ birthdays happened last weekend… so whilst thinking about what I should blog about, I decided why not about his birthday? We’ve known each other since high school (through a family friend of mine) and our friendship has deepened throughout the years.

We really got close to one another at the end of high school. We have a small group of 6 bestfriends and we would all go out and plan trips together but so far, due to everyone’s differing schedules, we’ve only managed to go on 1 long trip to port Stevens. (Thailand and Europe are still in the making hehe).

Birthday boy :)

Birthday boy 🙂



So a little bit of info about this guy. He is the ULTIMATE chocoholic. He can DRINK litres of chocolate and be ok with it…my max is eating about 10 chocolate bars in one sitting so coming from me, it means a lot. The group decided that we’ll surprise him with chocolate treats after dinner 🙂 so I baked (my famous) peanut butter swirl chocolate brownies, nama chocolate, and the girls came over to make the ULTIMATE chocolate cake…

M&M’s, maltesers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, snickers, nutella, peanut butter, ALL IN ONE CAKE! *drools*

We also chipped in to get him a giant bag of double rich chocolate protein powder (for the gains!! :P). The guy at the supplement store also threw in a complementary protein shaker and said “tell him happy birthday for me” 🙂

I also had another surprise for him which was a 3D collage birthday card 🙂Check it out here! (Sorry for the bad quality video…it was taken with my iPhone)

Sorry if this post is too random >.<” but it’s a “Robyn’s life post” so hope I got to share a little bit more about me with everyone 🙂 I might make a recipes archive on the blog one day but for now, hope you’re okay with just food pics 🙂

Blending oreos :)

Strawberry cream oreo base



Choc cake

Chopped up snickers bars


Ruined pan but worth it...:P


Peanut M&M's!!

More choc cake!!

Melting chocolate for frosting :D



Finished product


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