A little bit about me. -Robyn


No matter how old you are, I believe that there’s always something new to learn about yourself. I really thought I knew who I was, what I wanted in life etc. But, I was wrong. The start of 2015 has really opened my eyes. I’m only 2 months in to the new year and already been on such a rollercoaster ride. Between starting my new university course and this adventure with Paula, it’s been one heck of a ride and I have a feeling, it’s just getting started. I turn 21 this year and I feel like I still don’t know much about myself. I’m still trying to find out who “Robyn” is, and I love it.

Start of a new friendship. First time S&S meet :)

I’m someone that loves watching dramas & anime, loves learning languages, travelling, gaming, shopping, the list goes on. In high school, I was the weird geeky girl that would be in the corner watching asian dramas and anime. There was a girl that had the same interests as me back then, and we would sorta be loners together (haha). We would stay up all night finishing a drama/anime series, play big 2 every lunch (we can finish a game in 15 seconds), go out to Kinokuniya and stay there all day reading manga. We really were the best of friends… but things change. We both developed an interest in other things (like makeup and fashion) and sort of split from there. We made new friends and I don’t know what happened but we lost contact after graduation and that’s the end of that friendship I guess.


New uni gang! Spot the girls! :P

S&S first meeting

S&S outing first outing!

S&S planning days :P

As I made new friends, I began to change. I went to an all girls school and no one was really into gaming back then…so by night/morning, I was a gamer (WOW), and by day, I was a typical girly girl. I really wish that I stayed true to myself and continued gaming. I gave up my WOW days in year 10 and that’s when I really transformed from a short, chubby awkward asian girl to a social butterfly.

Friends for life

If I had the chance to go back in time, would there be things that I would like to change?

Of course there are! There are too many… but I can’t, so why think about it?

Right now, I’m being me. I’m not molding myself to fit into a certain group. I game when I want to game, I dress the way I want to dress, and I just do me. I’m a pretty outspoken person. I say what’s on my mind and most of the time, I don’t filter what I say but it’s not always a bad thing I guess..? haha

Partners in crime ;P

People are forever changing but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. You may be best friends one day, and strangers the next, but that just leaves more room for new people in your life. My advice to all the girls (and guys) that are in their awkward “trying to fit in” stage:


People who matter won’t mind; and people who mind don’t matter.

Started the year as a derp :)

xoxo Robyn


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