20 Facts about Paula


For lack of a better topic this week, I decided to lay out some ‘secret things’ about myself that I decided would be okay for the world to know about haha. Hope you enjoy and feel you know me a bit better!

1. My full name is Paula Lu

2. I am a pianist

3. I’m fairly tall for an asian, at 167cm or 5 foot 6.

4. I am majoring in Piano Performance…

5. …and that is the 3rd uni course I have started since high school

6. I have never been to any European countries

7. My nickname is Nana or Lala within my family and Poom (I know… wuttt?) and Pauli with friends

8. I am short-sighted and noticed this problem when I was about 12

9. I don’t like contact lenses so you’ll be seeing me with my big, black, chunky glasses

10. I love chai tea or any tea that goes well with milk, but my favourite tea right now is this Oolong tea from Zensation in Surry Hills – it is divine and it makes me so happy thinking about it

11. I can speak and write in German –> Obwohl habe ich jetzt eine schreckliche Erinnerung und ich erinnere mich nicht viel Deutsch… Ich liebe Deutschland!

12. I love learning languages which is why I chose to pick up 2 this semester – Korean and Japanese! (I am also learning Chinese at home)

13. I did a lot of dance in my lifetime and have had classes in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz funk, lyrical, latin dance, waltz and Kpop? Not sure if that counts lol

14. From no. 13, you can probably guess that I listen to Kpop

15. At one point, I was good at playing pool and beat the boys 😛 hehe it was a feat.

16. I usually get good at things pretty quickly, like learning a new skill for instance.

17. Somehow I have converted and become an Apple user. Both my laptop and phone are Apple. It happened without me realising :S

18. I currently have a fighting fish and 4 goldfish at home. I take care of the fighting fish and mum takes care of the rest

19. I love eating sticky food

20. When my hands feel dirty, I HAVE to go and wash them with water or else I get very uncomfortable. This habit started when I was a kid except back then, I was ‘cat-like’ and I would lick my ‘paws’ whenever I felt like it. It make me sick very frequently, just saying.


I’ll probably do another one later on because I just thought up a whole new list of juicy facts. But till then, stay safe and be happy 🙂

xoxo Paula

Technology and I

I am in love with leaf patterns and draw them all the time - another fact haha

My piano but not my hands


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