Sushi e


We got recommended by a friend to try out sushi e. We’ve never even heard of this place before but was told it’s a “fancy” restaurant. Ahh music to my ears. Another opportunity to dress up (and not look too fabulous and completely out of place 😛 )


Sushi e is a sushi bar/restaurant above establishment hotel on George Street. When we first stepped into establishment hotel, I was already in love. They had a GIANT FULL LENGTH MIRROR along the wall! Now, I’m not a very narcissistic person but hey, if I dressed up for dinner, I want to check myself out and take awesome mirror pictures!

Side note: I forgot to bring the DSLR so forgive me for the iPhone pics. (The quality surprisingly isn’t that bad though!)

When we stepped into Sushi e, I was impressed. Imagine a marble bar, seating about 30 people and in the middle, 3 chefs preparing your meal in front of your eyes. It was quite the experience.

The amazing chefs

First off, we had the tuna tataki (seared tuna, spicy yuzu, purple shiso & micro salad). I’m personally a BIG fan of beef tataki but when I saw tuna tataki on the menu, I just HAD to try it and I think I have found a new obsession. The softness of the slightly seared tuna partnered with the crispness of the salad; all topped with the spicy yuzu dressing was just perfect. Not too much of anything, and not too little. It had the perfect tangy sweet flavour to it.

Tuna tataki

Next up, we had the dynamite roll (spicy tuna marinated in 7 peppers, chilli and sesame oil, sweet onion and cucumber with spicy tobiko). I had high expectation for this dish as it had so much…spice in it’s description. However, I found it quite lacking. For a “dynamite” roll, it lacked punch. Don’t get me wrong. It was a nice roll; just not worthy of being the “dynamite roll”.

The dynamite

Following the “dynamite”, we had the dragon ash roll (seared salmon roll wrapped with flame seared prawn and mayo, topped with fried onion and dressed with ponzu dipping sauce). Now, THIS was worthy of its name. The softness of the salmon, the bouncy yet firm texture of the prawn, the crispness of the fried onion, the cute explosive fish roe…all in one roll. THIS roll is a must try. It gave an indescribable symphony of flavours and textures.


We were recommended the pork belly and was told it would “melt in your mouth”. The pork belly came with velvet potato puree, english spinach and japanese mustard; all served in a japanese broth. Did it melt in my mouth? Well, the fatty parts did and boy did it melt. I would highly recommend this dish. The meat wasn’t too tough, it could have been braised a little longer but aside from that, this dish was great. The flavours worked really well together. The broth itself would be extremely salty; however paired with the pork belly, english spinach and potato puree, it was just what the dish needed to give it a flavourful kick.

mmm...pork belly...

We decided to try a few nigiri’s before we left. One of my all time favourites is tamagoyaki (egg roll) and it tastes just like I imagined. I found the sweetness of the egg just perfect. Am I really the only person that thinks egg rolls are the BEST nigiri’s?!

Egg rolls!!! <3

We finished of our dining experience with a complementary raspberry panna cotta. It was so cute and is the perfect sweet/tangy dessert to finish off with.

Panna cotta

We would definitely be visiting sushi e again in (hopefully) the near future and highly recommend sushi e for a business lunch/dinner, a nice evening out with friends or to go out on a date with that special someone! 😉 We might be doing a “fancy night out” fashion blog soon so stay tuned! Let us know if you want the outfits we wore to be in it!

See you on our next S&S foodie adventure!

xoxo Paula & Robyn


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