Summer Favourites 2015


For our first fashion post, we decided to give you a glimpse of what our styles are like by choosing 2 of our current “favourites”. Keeping in mind that it is summer here in Australia, so I guess these are our “summer favourites”.

R: When I think of summer, I think of the blazing hot sun, the beach, something playful, exciting, fresh, vibrant, the list goes on. So my first outfit choice is a pair of light blue overalls with a cute white starry-floral print. It’s perfect for that cute, fun, summery look. I’ve paired it with a black bandeau but it would also look really nice with lighter coloured bandeaus or even a fitted or slightly oversized t-shirt if you don’t like showing too much skin.

Hi ;)


For shoes, you can wear nice strappy sandals, thongs, flats and even wedges! Really just depends on whether you want to dress it up, or down. I just tied my hair up into a cute side ponytail and clipped on some floral hairpins. Finally, I finished off my look with a fair coloured trilby hat to give me more of that cute-cool look.

P: For our second look, I have a bright, strapless floral jumpsuit. It is feminine, fun and so easy to jump into and its silhouette gives it a classy vibe. Because of the light and airy material of the jumpsuit, it is perfect for summer and it is a great way to show off some leg!

Floral overdose

Bold floral prints <3

There’s some ruffle detailing at the top and also adjustable string to tie up at the top and at the waist. It also cinches in at the hip for a more sophisticated and feminine figure. The shorts on this jumpsuit make it so easy to get around which is why it is perfect for the beach or picnic. Dressing it up to a more formal event is possible too with the right accessories and shoes. Here, I have matched it with black sandals for a more comfortable and casual feel. On my head, I have a flower crown and I have curled my hair into waves for a more relaxed but elegant look.

R: For our third look, I’ve chosen this cute cat print crop top with a high waisted navy blue floral print skirt. Summer to me, just screams playful and vibrant. I’ve really been into crop tops lately, and have been obsessed with this cat print one. You could pair it with a maxi skirt, high waisted shorts, normal shorts if you want a sexy cute look, or even jeans and leggings. Pretty much anything suits a cute crop top.



I didn’t want my hair to cover the cute cat print so I’ve kept it tied up in a side ponytail. You could also try tying your hair into a bun, a high ponytail or even a cute braid! Because I have the hairpins and trilby hat, I decided to go without any accessories but if you want to accessorize then go crazy! It’s your look, just have fun with it!

P: For our final look, I’ve decided to keep it short and simple with this dark, navy blue one piece. This is one of my favourite things to wear on a hot summers day and I love how it looks like a crop top with same-coloured shorts from the front but shows its true self as a playsuit when you see the back.



I always feel very playful and put together in this one-piece and that’s because of the block navy colour, the small gold buttons down the front and the simple cut collar. The playful element comes from the knot you tie at the front of the playsuit, revealing a bit of skin. I’ve matched this once again with the black sandals and a bright blue watch to make this look more lively and summery but you can really make this piece unique with some quirky accessories.

Well those were a few of our current summer favourites. Hope you liked them and stay tuned for our next S&S Fashion post!

xoxo Paula & Robyn


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