S&S Foodie Adventure 1: Grounds of Alexandria – The Potting Shed


After hearing about the grounds for MONTHS, Paula decided to take me there for lunch. Our FIRST EVER SOS foodie adventure!

We arrived around 5:30p.m, thus lunch turned into dinner and everything but the potting shed was closed off. It wasn’t as packed as I’ve heard but that might just be because we arrived at a time too late to call lunch and too early to call dinner. I call it linner. I was really excited when I stepped into the walkway surrounded by all the vibrant fresh flowers. We turned the corner and right outside the potting shed was a wheelbarrow acting as a campfire, a bucket of sticks and marshmallows beside it. O.M.G!

Floral mania

Summer loving

I RAN, filled my stick with marshmallows and started toasting (burning). We stood there for a good 5-10 minutes toasting & devouring our marshmallows before asking for a table.


Whilst waiting, I was quite entertained by the parrot they have out front. That is one trained parrot…He allows you to pet him, kiss him, take photos etc. and he just stands there on his tree branch. I’ve never seen such a tame bird.


After getting a seat, we had such a hard time deciding on what to eat. Choices, choices…we decided on the black barley salad and grilled fish of the day. The salad was nice. Not amazing, not bad, but nice. I loved the bits of candied walnuts and cranberries when they found their way to my fork. The black barley was quite bland, but the salad was really fresh. I would’ve preferred a little more flavour. Maybe some lemon? Or chilli? It’s the Malaysian in me. I need my flavour. The grilled fish was cooked a little too long and so the fish was a little tough. The potatoes on the side however… cooked to perfection. I’m not much of a potato person, but Paula LOVES them so she was really happy when that dish came out haha.

Black Barley Salad

Grilled fish & POTATOEEESS

For dessert, we decided on the banana tarte tatin and OMG!!! You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried it! I was expecting a slice of refrigerated banana tarte tatin and was a little confused as to why we were waiting so long for them to cut a slice of tart. But it was so worth the wait! What came out was a whole tarte tatin in a mini saucepan, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a disk of hazelnut praline on top. The piping hot tart partnered with the cold ice cream is a match made in heaven. The hazelnut praline didn’t do much for the dish but did add another texture. It wasn’t big enough to really add too much to the dish but I would’ve preferred it without to be honest. But I guess it helped elevate the pictures 😛

Banana Tarte Tatin. AKA Heaven in a pan.

All in all, our experience to the grounds of Alexandria was great! Great atmosphere, great service, great food! We had a nice salad, a not so nice fish and an AMAZING dessert. Dessert’s all that matters anyway…right?

Was it overrated?


But hey, we got to toast (*cough* burn) marshmallows for free. We’re Asian. Free things + Asian. You do the maths.

xoxo Paula & Robyn


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