New year. New friendship. New blog. 2015 is our year.

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We’ve both been thinking about starting up a blog for a while now (years), but was never really motivated enough to really get started. We met through a friend and decided to start this blog together. Now, this is where the story begins. Just spent the past few hours snacking on cherries, purchasing our own website domain, picking out a theme for the site (took quite a while considering how picky we are) and listening to Paula’s amazing voice on repeat (and her telling me to stop it haha).

So for our first post, let’s keep things short and sweet. What you guys can expect from S&S:

  • Fashion finds/trends (We sell some of the clothes that we feature)
  • Music videos
  • Food adventures (Blogs & Vlogs)
  • Beauty product reviews/recommendations
  • Hair care/tutorials (We’re learning too!)
  • Skin care/routines
  • Travel diaries
  • Glimpses of our lives

We really can’t just be “fashion gurus”, “food bloggers” or “beauty gurus”…we like a little bit of everything and that’s essentially why we decided on the name “S&S”. Sugar and Spice. (or everything in between). We’re both “girly girls” but can surprise you with our inner tomboy and we’ll show off our femininity through different styles and coordinations. We’re going to be vlogging via YouTube, blogging via WordPress and sharing random moments via Instagram. We might even use other social media platforms later on! (if we can handle it haha) So hope you stay tuned!

xoxo Paula & Robyn


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