Blaq piq 


One of Sydney’s newest restaurants: Blaq piq. After days of Instagram scrolling, and having Blaq piq constantly show up on my feed, I just had to go try it.

I wouldn’t recommend parking near the restaurant ($7/ hour…more like daylight robbery). It’s quite a short walk from central station, just a bit hard to locate.

Started off with fresh green juice. FINALLY!! A restaurant that doesn’t give me cold pressed bottled juice and makes their own green juices! So fresh, healthy, and delicious.


Pork belly

This twice cooked pork belly was probably one of the softest, mouthwatering, melt in my mouth pieces of meat I’ve ever had. No crispy crackling, but it had layers of tender fat that just melted. As some of you may know, I’m a major fan of egg and these 63 degree eggs were cooked to perfection 👌

Wagyu corned beef

I was so surprised when the corned beef came out in a bao. I’ve been loving everything about this soft, fluffy bun ever since I tried them at Old town in Chinatown. (Still need to visit belly bao). This was an Asian fusion eggs Benedict with tender beef, pan fried 63 degree egg with watercress and hollandaise sauce in a lotus bun. The only complaint I have with this dish was how messy it was eating it, but definitely worth getting dirty for.


Pandan buttermilk pancake

The pancakes were light and fluffy, but needed more of a pandan kick. The ice cream also needed more coconut flavour. As a Malaysian, I have pretty high standards when it comes to coconut pandan anything. I wasn’t hugely disappointed by this dish, but it just didn’t wow me. The fruit, edible flowers, and nuts added a nice visual impact, and I loved the texture and taste of the pecan crumble. Just a heads up when ordering, it’s probably not a good idea to pour all the salted coconut sugar syrup on top as it’ll turn out extremely sweet (at least for my taste buds). The syrup should’ve had more salt as the name sort of led me to think it was like a salted caramel. Oh well, lesson learnt.

Overall, the restaurant was great and I’d definitely be visiting again in the near future.

xoxo Robyn



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