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So today I chose to pair a white crop (factorie), pink floral skirt (factorie), a disney charm bracelet, my trusty navy blue Longchamp tote and nude HnM booties. I chose the completely WRONG outfit for the weather…it was so windy and even started sprinkling midday! But, I looked cute. That’s all that matters anyway, right?

Surprisingly enough, the wind even worked to my advantage! Besides eating some (A LOT of) hair, the pictures came out quite well 🙂 I highly do NOT recommend skirts on a windy day…I swear it flew up at least 20 times…but if you’re going to be indoors, then this look is really cute!

I didn’t do too much with accessories and just let the outfit speak for itself 🙂 There’s also a secret with my crop. It’s BACKWARDS!!! Yep, you heard me right, I flipped it over to have more of a cutesy look with the v-neck line, but if you want to be a bit more conservative, just wear it the other way and it’ll still look really cute!

The makeup I used here is a palette I got from etude house, my eyebrows are courtesy of Bobbi Brown’s mahogany brow pencil and shaper and that cute lip colour is also from my Bobbi Brown collection (lipstick in watermelon). If you want a cute, but statement lip colour, I’d highly recommend watermelon! It’s not as powerful as a red lip but still does the trick 😉

IMG_3617 IMG_3620





IMG_3567 IMG_3619 IMG_3600 IMG_3607

xoxo Robyn

Paula’s OOTD

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Earthy and whimsical

For this look, I layered a creamy lace top over a white, crocheted singlet that I got given last year. It felt reminiscent of pearly seashells and has beautiful cut-out details on the bottom end.

I found the silky, khaki skirt in a thrift store and absolutely love both the cinching effect at the waist and also the oversized pockets which can store all my essentials if I choose to go without the bag. It floats, it is light and it gives off a whimsical and casual sort of feel with the rest of the outfit.

The bag is a classic from ‘Longchamp’ and I chose to wear it because it kept to the earthy colour code. I also went for black sandals and this dark, wide-brimmed straw hat to keep out the sun rays as I have noticed darkening skin…

This look is kept simple with a gold chain necklace, a colourful beaded bracelet from a Chinese crystal shop and the makeup is soft and au natural. For the face, I simply tight-lined my eyes and dusted my brows with a nice hazel shade. I brushed on ‘Bobbi Brown’s’ signature ‘Apricot’ blush and added ‘Moodmatcher’s’ Luxe pink pencil lipstick to my smile.



IMG_3664 IMG_3670 IMG_3669 IMG_3677 IMG_3675 IMG_3690 IMG_3648

xoxo Paula

The Rocks


One of the areas less explored in my books is The Rocks, Sydney. It feels like one of those hidden gems tucked away into the corners of the city, only excruciatingly, thousands and thousands of steps away from my usual whereabouts.

Luckily, I had a reason to visit last Wednesday and just like last time, I was transfixed on everything I saw.

The Rocks is beautifully kept and rich in history. I learnt that the Gadigal used to occupy the land here, it was considered a slum in the 2oth century, caused an outbreak of the bubonic plague and housed many convicts. It was later taken over by the government and it saw large reformations to become what it is today.

Many traditional elements are retained in the variety of cafes, restaurants, pubs, art shops and craft stores. I find it vintage yet modern and it always holds an air of class and luxury. It is a place that appeals with its brickwork and design and a spot where you can gaze upon the harbour along with 2 of Sydney’s greatest landmarks.

Definitely need to spend more time getting lost here.

xoxo Paula

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4am Flat tyres


I want to share one of my experiences this week with everyone. It’s 4am. I’ve got a flat tyre, called in late for work and am waiting for roadside assist. I’ve never been too much of a girly girl up until the end of high school, but at the same time, I was never a tomboy. I love games, but I’m clueless about cars. Except for how sexy the Lamborghini aventador is 😛

My dream car.

“Do you have a spare tyre?”
“No…can I purchase one from you?”
“No, but I can tow your car for you”
“Are there any shops open where I can get a spare tyre?”
“Not at this time”

Then what’s the point of towing my car?! After a long and seemingly pointless conversation with the guy at NRMA road assist, he asked “Have you checked the door in your boot?”

THERE’S A DOOR IN MY BOOT?! WHAAAAATTT?? Ok, am I the only one that didn’t know this?? (According to everyone I’ve told this story to so far, yes. I am the only one..) Thinking the guy was completely wrong and thinking of one of those fancy rich people cars, I opened up the boot to my beat up 2004 Toyota Corolla and there it was. A little flap to open the secret door that hid the key to all my problems. A SPARE TYRE!!! It was like magic and I do apologise for screaming in your ear NRMA guy (If you ever read this) but I was too excited!

So about 40 minutes later, roadside assist came and helped me replace my tyre 🙂 It took the guy about 2 minutes to replace it…and it probably would’ve taken me at least half a day just to jack my car up and make sure it wouldn’t come crashing down on me. (and to think I used to call myself an engineer… *sigh*)

Free2Go Roadside Assist! Everyone should sign up!

Now I’ve got a shiny new tyre but my car makes scrapey metal noises when I hit the brakes (dw, going to get this checked out next week). If you want to know how I got a flat tyre, I’ll be honest. I’m asian. I’m female, and yes, I am THE stereotype. I was driving way too fast, knicked the kerb, busted my tyre and ended up in this situation. Have I learnt my lesson? Maybe. Will I continue to speed? Of course I will! 😛

Hope you enjoyed reading about my random 4am dilemma, and now you know when you see me on the road, try to get away from me ASAP.

xoxo Robyn

P.S. If you haven’t already, people under 20 can have FREE roadside assist via NRMA’s free2go!! (This isn’t an ad, not getting paid, it’s just that I’ve used them twice already and they’ve been awesome so why not share? and it’s COMPLETELY FREE for (I think) 2 years! So if you sign up when you’re 20, it will still last!

Jamie’s italian


As it is currently exam season for us college students here in Sydney, I happened to finish late one night and was craving pizza. Not really wanting to go home and order Pizza Hut, I decided to try out a restaurant that’s been on my list: Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s italian’.

Shortly after arriving, I realized they didn’t have pizza…kind of a disappointment but hey, they had summer TRUFFLE RISOTTO!! Yes please!

summer truffle risotto


The risotto was cheesy, creamy, and delicious. It had just enough creaminess to not make me sick (I usually can’t finish a carbonara myself…too much cream…). The truffles helped cut the creaminess of the dish and the only fault I could find was it needed more truffle!! 😝

We also got the chicken al mattone. I loved the zestyness of this dish, and is definitely something that I would highly recommend. Especially for those on diets 😏

Chicken al mattone


Oh yea, we also got the house bread because we were STARVING by the time we got there, but it was kind of a disappointment and I wouldn’t recommend wasting $3.5 on stale, dry bread. My flat bread was even kinda burnt…but hey, at least it made it more aromatic..? 😆


Stale bread…😑😒

For dessert, we got the dark chocolate cheesecake. If you know me personally, I LOVE chocolate and cheesecake. So, what could go wrong? Right? Well…this dessert was just too rich for me. It might suit some people, but if you have a sweet tooth, I wouldn’t recommend this dessert.


Dark chocolate orange cheesecake

All in all, my experience at Jamie’s Italian was wonderful. The food was above average, and the service was amazing. But next time I’m craving pizza, I’ll know where not to go 😝

xoxo Robyn

Speaking without barriers

Personal, Travel

I have only ever been to two foreign places in my life [Singapore and China] and the former is only a mere fragment of my memory. When I think about it, those memories have merged with a convoluted blur of images hinted from the photographs of the 5 year old me. I don’t remember much.

Maybe time to see some more landmarks besides the Harbour Bridge

I’ve never really been committed to making my travel urges become reality and even last year when I finally built up the courage to work my way to the ‘Confirm Tickets to Malaysia and Thailand’ page online, my travel buddy said last minute that he had a bad feeling and the laptop was closed and that was that…

I envy those with a travelled spirit and yet I’m so used to staying at home during the holidays that I’ve just slowly let those dreams slip to the back of my mind. It wasn’t until December last year when a friend made me promise to go to Europe with her in 2016 and it sunk in that I was finally making my first baby steps with travelling. And from that, another trip was planned – Japan and Malaysia in 2015!

Gonna eat till I drop (like this scampi)

Will definitely have this in JAPAN. Scallops

Will visit Jiro’s too but I know I will probably never enjoy regular sushi after that lol

What stopped me from booking plane tickets in the past was that I was fearful of feeling like a lost soul in a country where I wouldn’t understand any of the people or the signs. I didn’t like the idea of not having the necessary speech to communicate with others and I also didn’t want a situation where Liam Neeson would have to intervene… Well-travelled friends tell me with a calm and knowing look not to worry because the whole point of going away is to get lost in a completely different setting and to experience all that the world has to offer.

Something that really opened my eyes late last year though was when I played a game at a house party where you needed to write down the first words that came to your mind when you were given a word as a stimulus.

For example, one of the questions was, “What do you think of when you hear the word ‘ocean’?” Look away and do it right now if you’d like and just think of a couple of words without thinking too much.


So apparently, what you associated with this word is your outlook on life.  What did you guys think of? When I did this, I wrote down the words:

‘fear, big and crossing.’

And then it hit me. All my life, I have been so scared of SO many things that I never got to go out and experience much at all. This made such an impression on me that quite quickly, one of my New Years Resolutions was ‘to be fearless’ and to not let myself be stopped by something as irrational as fear.

This has resulted in me falling in love with lion imagery and other symbols of strength. My laptop screen saver for a long time was of a lion on my Mac and my most recent phone case is of this gorgeous Aztec lion. At least this goal has been going fairly well so far, I think. I mean I took a dive and started S&S with Robyn, I talk to strangers and in another scenario even got into an argument, something I hardly did before in fear of hurting the other person. But to stand up for yourself and to do things for yourself is one of the basic foundations of being a human with values, and slowly I’m learning to improve my current prototype.

With Japan as my destination in a few handfuls of months, I have made small preparations and it has been so exciting planning the itinerary and learning the language. I mean to get really good at Japanese because I believe how you speak definitely represents your character and I want to be a good character when I’m in Japan (LOL) Anyway, this objective should be relatively easy because thankfully so many people in my life already know Japanese, including Robyn!! Ahh HD’s here we come 🙂

So to wrap it up, I think we should all try to ignore those voices that tell us we can’t do something, because nothing is impossible! Just follow your dreams!

Here’s to new experiences and to be able to speak without barriers!

xoxo Paula

Birthdays and death by chocolate

Food, Personal

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed this past week from uni, work, S&S, friends etc. and one of my bestfriends’ birthdays happened last weekend… so whilst thinking about what I should blog about, I decided why not about his birthday? We’ve known each other since high school (through a family friend of mine) and our friendship has deepened throughout the years.

We really got close to one another at the end of high school. We have a small group of 6 bestfriends and we would all go out and plan trips together but so far, due to everyone’s differing schedules, we’ve only managed to go on 1 long trip to port Stevens. (Thailand and Europe are still in the making hehe).

Birthday boy :)

Birthday boy 🙂



So a little bit of info about this guy. He is the ULTIMATE chocoholic. He can DRINK litres of chocolate and be ok with it…my max is eating about 10 chocolate bars in one sitting so coming from me, it means a lot. The group decided that we’ll surprise him with chocolate treats after dinner 🙂 so I baked (my famous) peanut butter swirl chocolate brownies, nama chocolate, and the girls came over to make the ULTIMATE chocolate cake…

M&M’s, maltesers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, snickers, nutella, peanut butter, ALL IN ONE CAKE! *drools*

We also chipped in to get him a giant bag of double rich chocolate protein powder (for the gains!! :P). The guy at the supplement store also threw in a complementary protein shaker and said “tell him happy birthday for me” 🙂

I also had another surprise for him which was a 3D collage birthday card 🙂Check it out here! (Sorry for the bad quality video…it was taken with my iPhone)

Sorry if this post is too random >.<” but it’s a “Robyn’s life post” so hope I got to share a little bit more about me with everyone 🙂 I might make a recipes archive on the blog one day but for now, hope you’re okay with just food pics 🙂

Blending oreos :)

Strawberry cream oreo base



Choc cake

Chopped up snickers bars


Ruined pan but worth it...:P


Peanut M&M's!!

More choc cake!!

Melting chocolate for frosting :D



Finished product

20 Facts about Paula


For lack of a better topic this week, I decided to lay out some ‘secret things’ about myself that I decided would be okay for the world to know about haha. Hope you enjoy and feel you know me a bit better!

1. My full name is Paula Lu

2. I am a pianist

3. I’m fairly tall for an asian, at 167cm or 5 foot 6.

4. I am majoring in Piano Performance…

5. …and that is the 3rd uni course I have started since high school

6. I have never been to any European countries

7. My nickname is Nana or Lala within my family and Poom (I know… wuttt?) and Pauli with friends

8. I am short-sighted and noticed this problem when I was about 12

9. I don’t like contact lenses so you’ll be seeing me with my big, black, chunky glasses

10. I love chai tea or any tea that goes well with milk, but my favourite tea right now is this Oolong tea from Zensation in Surry Hills – it is divine and it makes me so happy thinking about it

11. I can speak and write in German –> Obwohl habe ich jetzt eine schreckliche Erinnerung und ich erinnere mich nicht viel Deutsch… Ich liebe Deutschland!

12. I love learning languages which is why I chose to pick up 2 this semester – Korean and Japanese! (I am also learning Chinese at home)

13. I did a lot of dance in my lifetime and have had classes in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz funk, lyrical, latin dance, waltz and Kpop? Not sure if that counts lol

14. From no. 13, you can probably guess that I listen to Kpop

15. At one point, I was good at playing pool and beat the boys 😛 hehe it was a feat.

16. I usually get good at things pretty quickly, like learning a new skill for instance.

17. Somehow I have converted and become an Apple user. Both my laptop and phone are Apple. It happened without me realising :S

18. I currently have a fighting fish and 4 goldfish at home. I take care of the fighting fish and mum takes care of the rest

19. I love eating sticky food

20. When my hands feel dirty, I HAVE to go and wash them with water or else I get very uncomfortable. This habit started when I was a kid except back then, I was ‘cat-like’ and I would lick my ‘paws’ whenever I felt like it. It make me sick very frequently, just saying.


I’ll probably do another one later on because I just thought up a whole new list of juicy facts. But till then, stay safe and be happy 🙂

xoxo Paula

Technology and I

I am in love with leaf patterns and draw them all the time - another fact haha

My piano but not my hands

Food Festival at the Ivy


We just went to the March into Merivale launch party (A.K.A. FOOD FESTIVAL!!!). It’s an event where the best of the Merivale groups’ restaurants/venues come to ivy and set up a pop up shop!

The list of venues were: “Uccello, Pool Club pizza, est., Mr Wong, Bistrode CBD, sushi e, Papi Chulo, Vinnie’s Pizza, Felix, Ash St. Cellar, Palmer & Co, The Beresford Hotel, El Loco Cocktails & Tacos, Coogee Pavilion, The Fish Shop, Palings, Ms.G’s, Sunee’s, Lorraine’s Patisserie, Functions & Events at Merivale and Chandon Vintage Pop-Up Bar.”

and yes, we visited ALL of them.

I only wish we got there earlier so that we had enough time to try everything before they ran out..and so that we wouldn’t have to be running up and down stairs! 😦 We will need to make another visit to Mr Wong’s another day! Everything was gone by the time we got there…

It was our first ever visit to Ivy; I’ve heard pretty bad things about the club being “dirty” but I’ve heard WRONG! It was such a nice venue and we plan to visit again in our LBD’s hehe (Note: LBD = Little black dress). I really loved everything about the venue; especially the pool area and the see through ball shaped hanging chairs!! (<– worst description but here’s some photos)

Paula was wearing a really nice red maxi dress with strappy black heels and since I didn’t get the “fancy dress” memo, I wore a plain checkered shirt dress paired with my favourite knee high boots. I felt so underdressed but I still made it work! At least my feet weren’t tortured whilst running up and down the stairs 😛 hehe

We’ve gained some experience from this time around; and some advice for people going to upcoming food festivals & for the the next time we go to a food festival/event, here’s some advice:

  1. Get there EARLY
  2. Check out the stalls and their menus and PLAN what you want to eat (It was really last minute for us so not much prep was done)
  3. Probably the most important point: DESSERT FIRST!!! Everyone goes for dessert after they’ve had their savoury food, so you’ll find really long lines at the end of the night and also, a lot of the dessert will be gone by that time; so if you have a sweet tooth like us, then head to the dessert stalls ASAP!
  4. Lastly, note to self: Call Paula and coordinate outfits! haha

Pastel coloured flags at the entrance of the Ivy.

IMG_1008 IMG_0847 IMG_0853 IMG_1009 IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0861 IMG_0864 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_1010 IMG_0876

Thai Mango Salad: This was really one of the best things from the night! It was fresh, had a touch of sourness but still had that chilli kick. Had more than one of this ^^

Satay Chicken Skewer: This was loaded with sauce and so tender. It had a nice nutty flavour with hints of sweetness

IMG_1005 IMG_0932


Sandwich bun with layers of meat and vegetables. WIsh it had a bit more sauce as it  was a bit dry. Your typical sandwich in a fancy bun

A delicious wrap. Crunchy with good flavour


Mango lemon curd, meringue with shortbread by Est. Liked the bit of meringue inside but it was somewhat disappointing

IMG_0926 IMG_0935 IMG_0929

Oysters and a tray of assorted meats

Even when I was eating it, I had no idea what it was... It wasn't very memorable taste-wise either


Pizza from Vinnie's Pizza - Queen Magherita - Salento - Patate e salsiccia Mixed reviews but the tomato based ones were really good! These were woodfired and the crust was so soft and



Chocolate profiteroles: we had 2 cones of these babies. The cones made it a bit difficult eat - like our last ones were stuck at the bottom. Continuing with the disappoint, they were all soggy by this time of the night and tasted quite meh. Wasn't worth the long wait and not worthy of the (ferrero) "rocher" name


Curvy slabs of chocolate. It had a beautiful sheen of dark crimson and tasted of cherry. It was an alcoholic chocolate but tasted pretty good!

More dessert

Wish I could take this home with me. So in love with ceiling chairs ^^

xoxo Paula and Robyn

A little bit about me. -Robyn


No matter how old you are, I believe that there’s always something new to learn about yourself. I really thought I knew who I was, what I wanted in life etc. But, I was wrong. The start of 2015 has really opened my eyes. I’m only 2 months in to the new year and already been on such a rollercoaster ride. Between starting my new university course and this adventure with Paula, it’s been one heck of a ride and I have a feeling, it’s just getting started. I turn 21 this year and I feel like I still don’t know much about myself. I’m still trying to find out who “Robyn” is, and I love it.

Start of a new friendship. First time S&S meet :)

I’m someone that loves watching dramas & anime, loves learning languages, travelling, gaming, shopping, the list goes on. In high school, I was the weird geeky girl that would be in the corner watching asian dramas and anime. There was a girl that had the same interests as me back then, and we would sorta be loners together (haha). We would stay up all night finishing a drama/anime series, play big 2 every lunch (we can finish a game in 15 seconds), go out to Kinokuniya and stay there all day reading manga. We really were the best of friends… but things change. We both developed an interest in other things (like makeup and fashion) and sort of split from there. We made new friends and I don’t know what happened but we lost contact after graduation and that’s the end of that friendship I guess.


New uni gang! Spot the girls! :P

S&S first meeting

S&S outing first outing!

S&S planning days :P

As I made new friends, I began to change. I went to an all girls school and no one was really into gaming back then…so by night/morning, I was a gamer (WOW), and by day, I was a typical girly girl. I really wish that I stayed true to myself and continued gaming. I gave up my WOW days in year 10 and that’s when I really transformed from a short, chubby awkward asian girl to a social butterfly.

Friends for life

If I had the chance to go back in time, would there be things that I would like to change?

Of course there are! There are too many… but I can’t, so why think about it?

Right now, I’m being me. I’m not molding myself to fit into a certain group. I game when I want to game, I dress the way I want to dress, and I just do me. I’m a pretty outspoken person. I say what’s on my mind and most of the time, I don’t filter what I say but it’s not always a bad thing I guess..? haha

Partners in crime ;P

People are forever changing but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. You may be best friends one day, and strangers the next, but that just leaves more room for new people in your life. My advice to all the girls (and guys) that are in their awkward “trying to fit in” stage:


People who matter won’t mind; and people who mind don’t matter.

Started the year as a derp :)

xoxo Robyn